Who Am I?

Formerly from the San Francisco Peninsula, 
I now live in a semi-rural town in Northern California.

Currently, I am a stay-at-home-mom to 1 dog, 2 cats.
My family consists of 1 adult daughter Char and 2 adult sons (Foodie and Navy)  They live nearby.
I am "the wife" to The Husband, a former Chief Petty Officer in the Navy and Coast Guard. He is retired from the military and also puts in 40 hours a week for the state. I am a Former Nanny.

  • I am a woman who has a dryish sense of humor - 
  • can be quite cynical -
  • tend to be a skeptic about everything -
  • sassy
  • am a passionate introvert 
  • I own my opinions
  • In other words, I am a royal pain in the keister. 
You'll never be able to figure me out! 

On the other-hand, when people finally get past all of that, they tend to love me. (Like Klingons)  Deep down, if you can break down those exterior walls, you will find:

  • a softy -
  • sentimental 
  • sensual (in a senior-kind-of-way) 
  • simple
When I love, I love deeply.  
  • My family 
  • My animals 
  • Nature 
  • God - even though I do have my issues with the "church" body.
  • The Military
  • Israel 
  • being an American - I am disgusted with our government and how things are going.  
  • I am a Libertarian. 

  • I have my good days - 
  • I have my bad days.

  • I struggle with depression. 
  • I struggle with grief;  having lost too many loved ones to death. 
 This is my personal blog. 


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 Now you know me a little better than having to read 400+ posts. 

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