heath update

Oh, I forgot to report that I saw the Pulmonist and he said my breathing test showed that my breathing is at 70% - which to me, I'm just happy it's not 60% but he said it should be at least 90% so I am scheduled for a CT SCAN of my Lungs on March 1 - just to find out why. I feel great - I only cough at night and so I am not at all concerned like I was when I was checking things out on the internet. You just can't do that. I had such a long time to wait to get in, I got myself all worked up when I shouldn't have. 

I've been going to Physical Therapy for the last couple of weeks due to a pinched nerve in my neck. Already it is much better. I don't have to go back for another 2 weeks before they write me off - as long as I do the exercises they want me to do at home, to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles. 

Also, he told me the proper way to use a pillow. 

All is well. 

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  1. Yes, checking things on the internet is not good. I've done it too!
    Praying for good results on that CT scan.



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