Tucked here and there amidst my father-in-law's personal stuff, we found Pops' last Christmas card to us. He had the stroke on the 3rd or the 4th of December so this was made out before. 

We plan to keep it - and put it out every Christmas. 

I sure do miss that old goat - We're fine until we come across something like the card. 

Yesterday I was going through some of Nina's personal keepsakes. I found her passport and a fingerprint record with all her photos from when she was young. I remember doing that for mine as well. Every year, you had to get new prints because their fingerprints change while they are young. From baby teeth Nina to missing teeth - all stages of her. So hard for me. 

I was chatting with Ninas father's ex-wife - and who is the mother of her brother, Amir. (Did that make sense?) Apparently, Amir was not invited to the funeral either. And he was her brother.  So there is some bad blood between all the families.  I'm happy I'm 220 miles away - it's better for me. 

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  1. I am a sentimental old fool, no not old middle aged sounds better but still something of a fool., just saying. .....................

  2. Sometimes it's better to be in a different time zone.



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