Facebook has been a thorn in my side for a long time. Yet, I continued to stay giving the excuse that all my out of state family and friends are on there. How would I live without Facebook in my life? 

Facebook is a tool - it can be used for many uses. To keep up with family and friends - to have a limitless amount of photo storage that is free. Access to local event calendars and local Government agencies with their daily posts. It's a good place to get all your news depending on which news you are following. There are many pluses with Facebook, I admit. But in the last few years, I have noticed the people there, are just not nice. If you make comments on a page or a group, you get pounced on - everybody wants to argue and fight and call you out. 

I had a cousin, who doesn't know my son - never met him and really didn't care to know him, yet friended him on Facebook - only to cyberbully him and his thoughts - she joined the same groups, only to harass him - she argued with him and called him names. He actually thought it was funny because he loves to argue and piss people off but for me, I thought it was crazy. So I unfriended her and the rest of my cousins, who REALLY, the only thing we have ever had in common was our grandparents. I never grew up with them - I didn't know them and they didn't know me. Why keep up with people I don't even know and have shown no signs of wanting to really know me?  

Same with high school friends. I mean, where was my head when I accepted high school "friends" on my Facebook? These particular ladies were the popular/cheerleader types that were bullies. The mean girls. They made my years in high school a living hell. I even slit my wrists when I was a sophomore because I couldn't handle the bullying and back then, it was, "suck it up." type of mentality. I soon, noticed, NOTHING HAD CHANGED with these mean women. They were still catty, and gossipy. So I did a major purge and only kept 1 friend who I had known since the 6th grade. She was bullied, too. 

When I think of how long I have been on Facebook (since August 2008) I am shocked and kinda embarrassed. Think of all the wasted time I spent there. In the last few years, many friends have left and it hasn't been as much fun as it was in those early years. 

I never knew how entrenched Facebook was in my life. Today is Day 5. I'm okay. I do miss my friends who decided to stay. They message me now and then. One plus I am noticing is I am sleeping better at night, and I feel more at peace and that's saying something with all that is going on in the country right now. 

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  1. yep. That's all I can say...I was doing great until a couple of days ago when a professor posted a comment on something I had written ...totally lambasting me...anyways...I will never allow that to happen again.

  2. Good for you! I rarely use Facebook anymore but do have a nice bunch of people that I share photos and funnies with occasionally.

  3. I am on Facebook but I don't spend much time on it just a few mins each morning but can go days without checking it out.

  4. It's amazes me when people I've known in the past who bullied me and have been cruel will attempt to Friend me.


  5. I never had a Facebook account. And I recently deleted my Twitter account which I only started because the newspaper that carried my blog ages ago insisted. I think people ask everyone to friend them so they can brag about how many 'friends ' they have. Even one of the politicians I constantly criticized asked me to like her on Facebook. Really? If someone wants to know what I am doing, they can call me, read my infrequent blog posts, or send me an email.


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