Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Generators, Preppers and Wind

As we watch our neighbors and friends in the surrounding towns, go dark it doesn't feel as comfortable as you might think.  Redding isn't the only town that is not on the PGE grid. Sacramento, Roseville, Shasta Lake City, and Glendale, Ca are okay. I have been trying to find those towns that are not on the PGE grid. Fortunately, Shasta County is close-knit and so Redding is helping. Opening up resource centers so people can charge their phones, take a shower and get warm. Many of the older rural residents are prepared. It is, however, the young ones, who don't have a clue. I guess they just always thought, they would have electricity. Now they are learning the hard way, how things work.

We are going to make a purchase of a generator before they go UP in price within the next couple of days - We'll have to order it - We need it mainly for storms and our sump pump in the back yard but heck, while I am grateful that we have REU (Redding Electric Utilities) I really don't trust no one. The Preppers we used to make fun of, are laughing at us! I remember watching some Prepper shows, and they had several "events" they were freaked out about and one of them was when the electrical grid being compromised. I never really thought about that. Now, everything in California is on shaky ground.

As I write, I am hearing the wind starting up again. It's not that bad - just the regular wind I have always heard but now they take on a whole new meaning. Wind means FIRE. Wind means power shutdowns for many. It means financial hardships for big and small businesses as well as residents. Why the frig, do I stay here? I asked my friend that on Sunday and we together agreed, that we're just too tired to UP and leave - leave our families and friends, leave everything. Every state has something. From hurricanes, humidity, floods, blizzards, contaminated water, crime, tornadoes...that's all I can think of. At least here, I know what I am dealing with and can and will adapt. Put me in another state, where we don't know anyone, or who hate Californians moving to their state - I wouldn't know how to cope. For some, they can do that. Good for them. We're staying for as long as we possibly can.

Someone has to stay and fight.

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