Friday, September 20, 2019

You gotta love California (NOT!)

I saw this on my Crime Page on Facebook and since California is in the news regarding Homelessness and the EPA etc, I thought it was a timely share. Let me say, this is all true. I have written in italics to comment.

In CA It's against the law for a restaurant to offer me a plastic straw but it's ok for Starbucks to serve drinks in a plastic cup and it's ok for me to use plastic Keurig coffee pods and buy tons of plastic water bottles.

I don't mind that I have to ask for a straw and I believe those who complain about this, are just complainers. HOWEVER, I don't get why they haven't banned plastic drinking bottles, Keurig pods, etc Both of which I do not use. 

It’s against the law for a grocery store to give me a micro-thin plastic bag for free, but it’s okay for them to sell me a plastic bag from .10 a bag up to .25 that is 20 times as thick.

This is really crazy. For a few years now, we've been charged if we use a plastic grocery bag. I bring my own cloth bags or I will take the cart out to my car, without bags if I have forgotten to bring mine in. I refuse to pay money for these plastic bags that are quite sturdy and I would think, are harder to dispose of. I see these bags, in the rivers and creeks now. How stupid is that? 

CA is going to fine citizens billions a year for not having health insurance and paying for their own medical care, but they are going to provide free health care/insurance for those in the country illegally.

Don't even get me started...

In CA we provide driver's license to people in the country illegally, and you can list your sex as “X”, but I have to bring my original birth certificate, social security card, and two utility bills to get my Real CA driver's license so I can use it to board a plane since the Federal government no longer recognizes regular CA licenses.

This is so true. I chose not to get my "real ID card" since my husband is retired military and as his spouse, I already have my military dependent card which is better than any stupid California "real ID card". 

Typical California Homeless Camp in my town

It’s ok for a homeless person to build a house next to the river out of plywood and tarps on property they don't own, but I have to pull a permit and pay fees to have an inspection if I do something as simple as replacing a window on my own property, and pay to camp in a state park.

Remember when we were kids, we were taught to "Pack it in,  Pack it out?"  If they would do this, we wouldn't have these problems. 

 The so-called Homeless are not really innocent good people down on their luck, as many will try to tell you. Most of them are criminals due to California's AB 47

Proposition 47 was passed into law, with the November 4, 2014, California election. It requires that defendants are sentenced to misdemeanors, instead of felonies, for “non-serious, nonviolent crimes,” unless the defendant has prior convictions for murder, rape, certain sex offenses or certain gun crimes. This law is also retroactive, so it also requires that anyone currently serving a sentence for a felony of the included offenses (without prior serious or violent offenses) to be resentenced to a misdemeanor.

Under Proposition 47, the following crimes are now solely misdemeanors:

Shoplifting, or Attempted Shoplifting, where the value of property stolen does not exceed $950

Grand theft, where the value of the stolen property does not exceed $950

Receiving stolen property, where the value of the property does not exceed $950

Forgery, where the value of the forged check, bond or bill does not exceed $950

Fraud, or Writing a bad check, where the value of the fraudulent check, draft or order does not exceed $950

Possession of Methamphetamine;  Possession of Controlled Substance; Possession of Concentrated Cannabis: A cannabis concentrate is highly potent tetrahydrocannabinol concentrated mass that is most similar in appearance to either honey or butter, which is why it is referred to or known as "honey oil" or "budder". Many "cook" this in their homes or RV's and have blown themselves up in the process.

Bottom line: NO CONSEQUENCES. They get a slap on the wrist and sent on their way. 

In San Francisco, they provide free Safe Drug Centers for heroin addicts to shoot up under nurse supervision and provide new needles (also plastic), but it's going to be against the law for adults to Vape.

Don't get me wrong, Vaping is dangerous - but so is tobacco smoking and most importantly DRUGS! 

 In San Francisco, it's ok to crap on the street but it's against the law to spit.

I kid you NOT! 

California requires immunizations for its citizens but not for illegal aliens, so a bunch of eradicated illnesses is coming back and they don't care about those either.

I know a few young,  non-vaxer parents that have left California for Oregon due to this. 

As a Californian, you would think I would be embarrassed by all of this. I am not. This has been going on for some time now and I am happy that it is finally getting national attention. It really bugs our California Politicians, which pleases me just fine. 


  1. Well, darn! The homeless in our country are such a problem. Mental illness untreated as well as a drug problem to which we choose to turn a blind eye are at the center of the problem. And I suppose that Ronalds Reagan's idea the people are homeless by choice may also play into it. Like you I hate well as the plastic problem. I just do what I can personally which is not much I am afraid.

    Be well.


    1. We need to stop using the term "homeless". The average Heroin Addict spends $1,875. on drugs, far more than a studio apt in Redding. Drugs vs housing is a choice. Lots of Seniors travel in RVs ...Are they "Homeless"? Obviously, they are not our problem. Criminal behavior is our problem. I doubt any of us would even notice a few " leave no trace" fishermen or backpackers traveling through town.

      I try and not to call them homeless. I've seen homeless families. These that trash everything in their way, along with our waterways are products of recent legislation in California that released many felons into the communities. It is a combination of many things. A friend of mine lives near a open area where they are, and she hears gunshots - they've already shot and killed a bald eagle just for fun. No these people are criminals and I have a no tolerance for them - druggie or not I believe in tough love dealing with alcoholics and addicts.

  2. I lived in So. Ca. in the fifties when I was 5-9. I remember it was a beautiful state.

    1. It used to be and there are still areas that are but it is dwindling away.

  3. Its for all these reasons and so many more that I won't ever live in California again. By the way, they really don't enforce the giving out of straws especially at tourist attractions because when we were visiting there back in June most popular tourist places we went they automatically gave us a straw at the table without us asking. After forgetting for the umpteenth time to bring a reusable grocery bag and having to pay for the one from the store, this last time we bought a reusable bag at Stater Brothers and I tucked in under the seat of our car so hopefully I'll remember it the next time (if ever) we go to visit California. We still have family there.


    1. That's funny. I'm used to it and frankly I like it. It takes a while to get used to. I should do a future post on the types of bags people bring in. Its funny.

  4. It is hard to understand a lot of things that are going on especially if they are in your own backyard. I really try to look at options taken. The reasons are not always obvious.
    Even reading a blog post by someone you don't know is informative and adds a new perspective.

    1. Oh yeah - you aren't going to hear this stuff on the news. They concentrate on the big cities and it will be the metro area that will get the help first.

  5. When you have more than two people, you got politics and inconsistency eh. We have to have an ID or driver's license in Ga that verifies our citizenship to vote and pay taxes.
    Plastic is a problem. Straws are just the beginning. Drug addiction is hell for the addicts and for rest of us. I'm glad I live out in the country where you don't have to see the homeless until you go into town. Being retired, I have slowed down enough to see a lot that I never noticed before.

    1. I've never been asked for a ID to vote. I just go in, they register me without ID and vote - I believe it is against Ca law for them to ask to see an ID. no questions asked.

  6. My husband wants to move out of the state but I refuse to leave our grandson. I waited too long for this blessing. We give and give in California and we hate it!

    1. We talk about it all the time but my son is getting married and they will be having family - Nope we won't leave. UNLESS they finally repeal pro 13 which would mean our property taxes would be too high for retired people to afford. That would be the only reason.

  7. No matter where someone lives there will be stupid laws and things that will make us w onder what the hell


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