Monday, September 16, 2019


It rained a little in the middle of the night. Temps have dropped into the '70s and I am loving it. Might get out in the yard today. It's been so hot that the other day, I just refused to go outside. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of my summer clothes that by now, are pretty threadbare. I want to wear my jeans, boots and warm sweaters. I want my flannel PJ'S!

It won't last. But I do kinda believe that the 100 degrees are now behind us. God, I hope so! 

Last week, Sara and I drove down to IKEA in West Sacramento. We had such a nice time together. I believe I now have a new daughter! She told me some funny things about the wedding. She is wearing a traditional wedding gown but she is wearing blue R2D2 sneakers. No different than when I married my first husband, I wanted to be barefoot. Hey, it's their wedding and most importantly, they are paying for it themselves. 

Also, they will be having a Taco Bar at the reception. No wedding cake either. Brownies and Lemon bars! 

I don't understand why some people are so against, others wanting to march to a different beat. Apparently, her mom has other suggestions but Sara is marching on. My 2nd wedding, my friends provided all the food at my small reception. We had quite the spread of food. My best friend's FIL was Marcel Henri Lapuyade - owner of a French Charcuterie in San Francisco. So she provided all the pates and sausages. There were ham and turkey.  It was awesome.

They will be getting married outside on the lawn...Feb. 29. at 4pm I'm a little concerned about that but they do have a solid Plan B.

Oh, she talked all about their plans - babies and how she wants to raise them and how they will decorate their home, etc. I just drove and listened...

How fun for them!


  1. Hooray for some rain! I would love a trip to IKEA. That sounds like a fun wedding. Good for her to stick to her guns!!!

  2. Always good ot get rain unless it causes flooding. How cute with the taco bar! Haven't heard of that before for a wedding but I like it original. Seems the trend these days for the 2 family weddings I've been invited to is that they have a cookie table instead of cake. They have a small cake for the couple to have with their cake eating and toasting, but not to share with others. Sounds like she is a lovely woman your son will be marrying!


  3. It rained here today - and a pretty hard rain! I loved it. I chuckled when you said you were tired of the Summer clothes. Me too. That is cool that she is wearing tennis shoes at the wedding. And a taco bar! That's a great idea. Glad you both had a chance to visit with each other and talk about the wedding. It sounds like you get along well.


  4. My invitation to the wedding has yet to arrive, lol. I love the idea of a taco bar. And brownies and lemon bars instead of wedding cake? Count me in.
    My son got married outdoors in Victoria, B.C. and we lucked out on the weather. Hopefully, your son and fiance will also.

  5. I'm like you...I listen and smile! It's great when they have all the ideas for their special day. It will be perfect for them. Love those sneakers! I can see myself wearing those!

  6. It is raining here today, in fact it has been raining since yesterday and it is lovely.

  7. Good for Sara marching on...I try to stay out of my kids lives as much as I can. They are adults and know what they want so I just go along for the ride unless I would feel that they are making a serious mistake which thank goodness, they are fairly level headed!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!


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