Monday, September 23, 2019

As my World TURNS

Yesterday at around midnight, Foodie saw a water drip from his ceiling. Small drip; shouldn't be that hard to fix. Just a little inconvenience maybe. He placed a blue tarp on his bed. A couple of hours later, he went upstairs to go to bed, and couldn't get in his bedroom door - a chunk of the ceiling had fallen and was blocking his door. They called the property manager who then, called Roto-Rooter. 30 minutes later the plumber came. Being "On-Call" should mean, its not a good idea to get drunk. The plumber comes stinking of booze. He gets a bit frazzled; can't find some of his tools and asks them, if they have tools. He gets up there and starts banging away - bursts a water pipe and now there is Niagra Falls in Foodie's bedroom. Water is coming at an alarming strong pace tearing more ceiling apart. The plumber doesn't know how to shut off the main water. Sara calls 911. Fire Dept comes. They shut off mainline.   For 45 minutes, water was cascading down their stairs. 6 inches of water!

A part of the downstairs living room ceiling started to puff and then crack and little chunks came down.  I hear about all of this, on Saturday morning. Foodie calls me at 8:15 am. He's in shock. Lost everything. Got out with just the clothes on his back and fortunately, he had a few clothes drying in the dryer at the time so he had those. Sara and Navy's room upstairs was fine and I don't recall them mentioning the upstairs office. Water had also seeped into the neighbors on both sides. Both neighbors were away.

We all went back over there to try and salvage what they could. They did manage to get all their TV's and electronics into their garage! As we were downstairs, putting things in bags, the ceiling was creaking. Then a BIG hunk of ceiling crashed down into the fish tank, breaking it. The poor fish were jumping up and down - and Kathy the property manager saved them! Placed them in a coffee container with some water. We still had people upstairs - she wanted everyone out - the ceiling was still shifting and finally did cave in more taking along the kitchen ceiling as well. They closed up the garage and they can't get back in there until contractors say they can - 7 to 10 days.

They are literally homeless.  Property Manager paid for 2 nights.  They have NO RENTERS INSURANCE. So what is a Mom to do? Foodie was supposed to be out by Nov 1. at his brothers place.  So he will stay here, sleeping on a cot in our office. He is now actively looking for a place.  He's humble, to say the least. The property manager said a place is opening up, Oct 10 or 11th that Sara and Navy can have - they will stay in my new craft room. (formerly a guest room no one ever used) Just the way it have to laugh.

I have their fish in my backyard pond. Ed, the cat is coming over tonight. He's an inside cat like mine and both of which have only viewed other cats from the outside. Laydee chases cats except for Susie. This will be an adventure.

Meanwhile, my husband has cracked open this huge case against his manager. She continues with the harassment. The former nun that is 70 years old and who was trying to fight the WITCH, finally gave up and is quitting due to harassment. My husband is trying to talk her into at least, file a formal complain with the State. They both can actually help each others case - they are the oldest there. Foodie is a Union Rep at his place of work and has been a good resource.


  1. Ouch, what a terrible thing to have happened. I hope everybody gets settled into their own places fairly quickly.

    God bless.

  2. Good Grief!
    I think I have written a comment or two with no response. I am sure you don't have time to respond with all that is going on.

    I hope you get things worked out. What a nightmare!

    1. Thanks. Yeah its been busy here.

  3. Oh wow, when it rains it pours! Sorry to hear all this! I bet renters insurance will be an item they get in the future!


  4. Oh my how horrible and what a mess

  5. OMG, I can't believe what happened. What a mess and so very sad.


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