Wednesday, September 18, 2019

2 months 16 days and some other stuff

I think that is right. Now the husband is actively counting down toward retirement. He once again asked for a day off and was denied. That makes 3 denials. So he went to the union and now we are waiting to hear what comes next. Clearly, Witchy Bosslady is harassing him; pushing his buttons.  Total payback after taking that month off to help me after my knee surgery.

She is the Health and Safety Officer. My son works there and even he has had a run-in with her. She isn't aware that my husband is his step-father and quite frankly he doesn't want her to know. I don't blame him. At least we don't think so. She is into everybody's business; micromanaging everything.

Well, she is just a *$#@&.

Yesterday I had to get my TB test - an annual thing I have to do in order to volunteer with the Veterans. I've had a headache ever since. I did some research online and side effects say nothing about a headache. The closest would be flu-like symptoms and I don't have that. Just a mild annoying headache. I go back tomorrow for them to check it and then clear me.

We are having cooler temps and some showers - BUT, the forecast shows 80's to '90s after this system blows through. We're not out of it yet. I still haven't changed out my clothes yet. It's NOT that cold out. I just pop on a lite sweater.  Snowed in Tahoe, too.

My sister-in-law in Alabama was rushed to the hospital yesterday. Her heart is only pumping at 30%. That's all I know for now. They are transferring her to Birmingham. She's just 2 years older than me! (I'm 65) Crazy. And then last night I heard that Cokie Roberts died at age 75. That's just too young.

That's it for me. This headache is making me sick. I think I will drink more water and then lie down. I have too much I want to do today.


  1. Hope that headache clears up soon.

    Retirement is great. People ask me what do you do with your time? I tell them "Nothing, I do nothing better than anyone, doing nothing is my special skill!"

    Boss lady should be easy to deal with since it is short term, In my last day I would be sure to tell her "it has been a great pleasure to work for you while the whole time thinking you are such a piece of crap...I will miss hating your sorry ass!" OK I wouldn't say that either, but it does help a bit to think it.

    1. Well the shit is going to hit the fan within the next couple of days - My husband filed a complaint with our our senator from our district. He just got back and email. saying they will be issuing a formal investigation on the witchy boss lady.

  2. So much to do and so little time to do it. I was sad to read about Cokie Roberts. She will forever be young to me. (I am 4 years older.)
    I'm a little bit tired of retirement. But not going back to where I came from. I believe I can stand the boredom.

    1. I haven't worked since 2013 so in a way I have been retired for sometime. But when my husband retires, then it will definitely be a retirement lifestyle for the both of us.

  3. I tried to post a comment and it didn't take. Just rechecking.

  4. How exciting. I've been home for a number of years because of illness but my husband retired a year ago at the end of June. He loves it! Sorry about the headache. That snow is amazing and so early! Praying for your sister in law.

  5. That is scary about your sister-in-law. I hope she is Ok. Is Mount Shasta getting snow already? - that's early! I bet your husband is looking forward to those retirement days.



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