Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Social Security Ordeal

We went down to the Social Security Office, yesterday morning. I waited 45 minutes the day before, to have them tell me that if I make an appointment it would be sometime in the middle of Sept. So we decided to just, be there when they open the doors and wait our turn, without an appointment. Most people in the LONG line that went out the door, were also there without an appointment. We bit the dust and stayed.

The employee behind the window started looking up his account - he mentioned something about "Patricia." That is his ex-wife) Immediately my husband started to get hot under the collar, thinking that, Patty was getting half of his social security. I had to calm him down. The employee was able to explain, there was no difference in what we get. Since they were married 17 years, she recently applied for the spousal benefit. He still doesn't like it - (no sweat off our back)

As a spouse, you can claim a Social Security benefit based on your own earnings record, or you can collect a spousal benefit that will provide you 50 percent of the amount of your spouse's Social Security benefit as calculated at their full retirement age (FRA).

Then he was told because we had CALPERS, we would only receive half of his social security.

Social Security & Your CalPERS Pension. If you're eligible to receive a pension from an employer(s) who didn't withhold Social Security taxes from your earnings, the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) may reduce your Social Security benefit.


I thought my husband was going to drop dead on the spot. He raised his voice - people were looking.

Then I had to explain that he was NOT getting his full pension. They went back, rechecked, and the supervisor came over and then told us, the GOOD NEWS - that it would not apply to him.


We actually walked out of there, cracking up about the whole thing. I think we were embarrassed, relieved and just wanted to forget the whole ordeal.

So tomorrow we go into his HR to calculate the lump sum payment we will receive from the State.
I believe his retirement date is back to Friday, Dec. 6, 2019.  Taking it in Dec rather than January has something to do with his COLA. The lump sum of money, we'll receive in 2020 and claim on 2020's taxes.


  1. I'm not happy with social security in general. I remember when it wasn't taxed and people keep referring to it as an entitlement. Its not an entitlement. We paid in it for YEARS. Hubby one time waited on hold to try to make an appointment through the 800 number (or similar) only to finally hang up and go to the office like you guys did first thing and wait it out. He had reached his full retirement age of 66 to collect the most benefits (of course he could have waited until 70 and get more but who knows how long anyone of us has). He also can still work and not lose any social security benefits because of what he makes. Check came direct deposit exactly when it was supposed to. He elected to have taxes taken out of it. Federally I think you have to pay taxes on it. Its state by state whether you have to and Arizona is a state where you don't have to pay on it.

    December will be here before you guys know it!


  2. I get half of my social security. Adding insult to injury, I am taxed for the amount. Oh well, I would rather have my pension. What bothered me the most is they do not consider the ten or so years I worked a second job paying into social security or the years I worked paying into social security before and after being a teacher.
    Good your hubby is not affected.


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