Saturday, August 03, 2019

It's a California thing...

It is crazy and doesn't make sense. That straw is against the law, here in California, yet they give away hypodermic needles at the clinics and when they are done, they just throw them on the sidewalks, etc with NO REPERCUSSIONS.  That's California for you. Of course, you do have to be 18 for the needles. They have some decency!

You have to watch where you walk on our trails, and in our city parks, due to condoms and needles. Oh and the poop.

Do other states have this issue? This is not just in the big metropolitan cities, or Baltimore.

Is the rest of the US ready for a California President? I'm thinking Kamala Harris is a front runner and the millennials really like her.  She's tough, too.

Get ready...


  1. Perhaps this law will really be the "Last Straw!"

  2. We were in California about 2 months ago and it was hit and miss with people at restaurants, etc., asking us if we wanted a straw. We were aware of the law but at places especially touristy ones, straws were automatically given when drinks were served. We always forget that we are going to have to pay for bags at the grocery store for our stuff if we want them bagged. This time at one of the grocery stores we bought a reusable one and tucked it under the sheet of our car we use to drive to California, hopefully we'll remember it the next time we are there. I'm not sure if the country is ready for a Californian as president I guess time will tell. I did hear a lot of people are leaving California and going to places like Idaho and Texas. And don't get me started about the poop thing; I've heard stories about that too. Sometimes I really miss California but then I think of some things happening there and think "okay, I'll put up with the 110 degree temps here in Phoenix."


    1. We've talked about relocating to Arizona. It's just TALK. I like Nevada but its getting expensive, too. Really, unless you love to some midwest state, there is no where to go anymore. It's best to just stay where you are and deal with it.

  3. Never heard of such a straw but it is weird I will give it that


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