Friday, August 23, 2019

Dodged a bullet

Looks like we'll be fine unless it gets windy again. Fortunately, the forecast looks good. Still hot (106 today and under 15% humidity)

I'm fairly calm, but this one scared me. Back in Oct 1999, there was the Jones Fire - same area. That's when my parents were living in this house and they had to evacuate. I remember living in the bay area, and I was so scared for them. It came to the road above this subdivision. I've been concerned about this area since last years fires. My husband works with a guy who lives in this area - I believe his house is fine since they are saying only 3 structures have burned.

Late afternoon, we just waited it out - When I heard the planes coming - one right after the other, I felt comforted. They really did some major dumping. Before it was dark, I could see very little smoke.

At one point, my stomach got so upset - I told my husband to get me some wine. I rarely drink because I have an ulcer. He went to the store and bought me a bottle. Funny. Just one glass and I felt so much better. I haven't had my stomach all twisted up in a LONG time. I kept saying, I don't know how much MORE I can take of this.

My husband keeps saying, "as long as we're ready, we'll be fine."

I keep saying, "I don't want to lose my house."

NOT at this stage of our life. Then again, where do you go? Every place has something. Plus this area is home. We have an awesome community. Everyone is in the same boat and "community" is what gets you through it all.

We're going to stay packed up until this is out 100% and even then until the fire season is over. I am usually fine during the day as I listen to the scanner; getting information. When its time to go to bed, is when I get concerned. Will we hear the phone? Will we sleep right through it? We slept with our window shade up, so if it got out of hand, I would be able to see the orange glow. Kinda silly, but it worked for me. I did sleep surprisingly well.

Locals have been saying it was a houseboat fire that got out of hand. We've heard nothing official yet. There was a looter in the fire area, though. Heard it on the scanner. Stupid idiot risks his own life to steal. I'm sorry but they need to shoot first and ask questions later.


  1. Good news, hope the fire is completely out soon.

  2. Glad to hear from you! Was a bit worried wondering how you were faring. Good idea to keep things packed and to be ready "just in case." An occasional glass of wine shouldn't be too bad especially if it had the "medicinal" effect to help calm you down a bit.


    1. I love wine but my stomach doesn't. But it calmed me down.

  3. Do you have an emergency alert radio? We had them in Illinois in case of tornadoes. In an emergency, the radio beeps and says what the emergency is. We kept one in the bedroom and one in the family room. I promise one of those radios will wake you up.


    1. Not heard of that. We just bring our phones to bed.

  4. I'm with you on the shoot first. Glad you are okay.


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