Thursday, August 15, 2019


Yep, that would be me! Wow-what an incredible adventure this past 13/14 weeks have been with my knee. I went in to PT on Tuesday not thinking it would be my last day. The Physician's script was expired and I am doing everything I used to before my knee was a problem. Except, I haven't tried sitting in the bathtub yet or climbing a lot of stairs. That all takes practice. I have been practicing, kneeling and using the muscles I would need. Kevin told me another 6mos or so.  I refuse to let my husband help me in and out of the tub. It's degrading. Shoot man, I'm only 65!

I can sit Indian style, with my legs crossed on the PT bed/table. So I was ready to move on. I really liked them all - They were so nice. It's funny how you do get attached. Or at least I do. So, everything is done. I don't need to see my surgeon unless something is wrong. I'm FREEEeeeee.  

I will go to the gym and do cycling there. That actually is the best exercise for the knee. The leg-press machine is a good one, too. Just not too much weight. The old saying, "Use it or Lose it." is so true after a knee replacement surgery. It will get stiff. 

So, in celebration, I am moving things around. I use the furniture dolly. I am fixing up my old guest room to be a craft/utility room. I moved a chest of drawers into my bedroom closest (with husbands help) and am moving my old dresser out of my bedroom. I don't want a lot of furniture in our bedroom. I have minimalized my clothing and will store seasonal things in the other room. 

It's been HOT outside. 108 today. I just heard on the police scanner there was a naked man running down one of the busy streets in town. Ouch, that pavement must be hot. Hope he had some sunscreen on! 


  1. I've known a few people with successful knee replacements, I did not know how much was involved with rehabilitation. Sounds like the hardest part is in the rear view mirror.

  2. You were about as hot as we were. I think we were around 112 today. Maybe the naked man was looking a sprinkler to cool down in! Good for you for finishing up PT! Yep, just keep on it with the exercises! You don't have to see your surgeon yearly? I know I type for some that have the patients come back yearly for an x-ray and a "look and see" type of exam but each doctor is different on how they practice medicine. Looks like you've been busy too with the moving around!


    1. No he didn't mention it. Unless they call me next year to schedule an appointment.

  3. Glad you're able to move on now. That will be nice to have a craft room. I've always wanted one. Now, don't lift too heavy of furniture, cause then you'll have a whole new set of problems. One time I moved something heavy by myself and had the worst pulled muscle ever. To this day, I still feel it if I move the wrong way. I can't believe it's 108 there. It's hot here, but I've noticed it's getting cooler in the mornings. Enjoy your craft room!


    1. Oh I plan to. We need wall shelving but it's coming along.


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