Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cal Fire is awesome.

79 engine companies, 21 water tenders, 28 fire crews, 4 helicopters, 79 overhead personnel, 12 bulldozers, 10 air tankers (amazing precision drops from aircraft) - 580 total fire personnel. This morning we are at 60% containment and holding at 600 acres. My husband's work partner still has his home!

At this point, I am no longer concerned. I feel confident. 

Apparently, an article was written by the San Jose Mercury News about why should large urban and metro areas pay for those who choose to live in mountainous, rural areas prone to fire. My reaction would be, then why should we tunnel all of "our water" down to them to fill up swimming pools and water their lawns! I mean, come on now. We are ALL in this together. When I lived in the Bay Area, I never thought about that. When rural communities suffered through wildfires, I suffered with them.  Never did I want them to just "burn." We are dealing with a new selfish generation. It's all about them.

If and when, the "BIG ONE" hits, (and it will) I would never be happy about that. Or begrudge any aid, to them. It's a given. California is a big diverse state with different climate zones and geography - from the ocean to a flat central valley that grows food, to mountainous alpines! It's not about one area over another. We are all California.

On a lighter NOTE:  We have a peeping Tom. 1-year-old German Shepherd named Cooper.

 Every morning and a few times in the day, Coop and my Laydee run back and forth, tearing up the back fence. We all just "patch" the fence. It would be about $2000+ to put in a new fence, only to have them tear it up again. So we patch here and there on our side, and Patty patches on her side.

Actually, we love watching the interaction between Coop and Laydee. So fun to watch them. I'll be sitting at the table, and look up, and see him peeping through the fence.

On the other side is Otis - a little ankle biter. He's jealous and I feel sorry for him because he wants to join in, but Laydee and Cooper ignore him. His mommy, mentioned yesterday, we need to just install pet doors for them, so they could play. Actually, I think they like the mystery of it all. It's a tease, a game for them. When Coop peeks through the fence, Laydee backs away at the bottom of the hill. Sometimes when Laydee pushes her way through the fence, I can see the silhouette of Cooper through the slants- as he backs away with massive tail wag!


  1. When I taught school, I was careful with people who had a few years of experience complaining about those with many years making more money. I didn't think about this when I began. Similar to those who don't want to share their tax dollars.

    Dogs are a lot of fun. What a beautiful back yard.

    1. Nice backyard EXCEPT for that fence. lol

  2. Why pay for those who live in the mountains? That is ridiculous, pretty sure you are paying for some of the issues of urban living.

    Let those dogs get together and play!

    1. Heck we're not only paying, we are living it. They make the laws and control the water and don't even live up here.

  3. That is interesting that some have the opinion they do about not helping out others who live in the same state. Where is their sense of community? My BIL and SIL have a cabin in Idylwild. After the last big forest fire out there their insurance company canceled their fire insurance and they are having trouble finding other companies that will ensure them. They were recently up there and as they were driving to go to their destination, they saw a cabin on fire (they called it in). When they were coming back the responders still hadn't got there. They put their cabin up for sale a few days after that.

    So cute with the dogs! Everyone, no matter what species, does better having friends!


    1. Our homeowners cancelled us after last years fire. I did find homeowners at USAA for just a little more than what were paying before.

  4. The photo of the dog peeking through the fence is great


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