Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bureaucracy and Micro-Managing

Gosh, I am getting excited for the husband to retire. I, too am sick of all the drama. One shouldn't have to be dealing with that at our age (unless they want to)

As we go toward this new chapter in our life, we can't be looking back and dwelling on the "what if's?" We have to just let that shit go.

Yesterday, he went round and round with a referral he was waiting on from the Veterans Administration to his Cardiologist, which referred it to TriWest because the VA cardiologist was unavailable so they contract out - then once you get the TriWest to approve it, they have to make the appointment. What a bunch of bureaucracy! They approved it - but only they can make the appointment. We're still waiting on the friggen appointment. I told him once he gets on Medicare, he can make his own damn appointment without the middle man. The man could drop dead of a heart attack waiting. Fortunately, his trip to ER last Sat was not a heart event. Just anxiety.

We talked with his HR and we have a conservative estimate of what his lump sum will be. We are happy. He still has to now make it official with CALPERS.

Now for me - I received 2 notices for jury duty using my legal name Debra and my nickname Debby. Everything official is under Debra. They weren't even the same times. The same day, but different badge numbers and groups. So I called and they said my voter registration was under "Debby". I NEVER use that name. I don't know what THAT is about. So I now need to re-register. The Court services took care of the other one, so I don't get confronted with a warrant for my arrest for not showing up for jury duty.

Yep, have to let all that shit go.

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  1. Voter fraud? Someone registered under your the name of Debby? That is weird indeed! You would think it would be an easier process with referrals from the VA especially since I hear it happens often (at least here in Phoenix) where people will be referred because the VA can't get to them for timely appointments. Seems like a lot of extra work to me!



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