Saturday, July 13, 2019

We need more than 2 parties

I have cousins all over the country. Some are the old school democrats, others are Republicans - some are southern Republicans. One cousin from Washington State is active in the Peace and Freedom Party.  I've been a Kennedy Democrat because that is what my parents told me, I was.

Then I became a Republican. (I was shunned)

Then I went back to being a Democrat.



and as of the last election, I checked off,  No Party Preference.
Clearly, my past party affiliations have not fit me, 100%.

I find, that among my extended family living in other states; the Democrats are not like the Democrats here in California. In fact, they sound a lot like Republicans on some issues. I call them Conservative Democrats which they don't like.  I cringe at some of the ignorant things they say. I figure if they really think they are a Democrat, they need to live in California for 2 years! Let see what happens then. Pay some taxes, see what is really going on here.

Now the Republicans in my family are WAY OUT THERE. We on hardly agree on anything. I don't know of any Republicans friends in California, that have such extreme views. Republicans in California are more of a Liberal Republican. Socially liberal but fiscally Republican. And the Republican members of my family...well, there is no hope for them. I love them, we just don't share the same politics. 
We really need to have at least 2 more political parties because I know those 3 parties don't totally fit my needs. I refuse to be called a democrat or a republican or even a libertarian. Especially after Gary Johnson. On second thought, maybe he would have been better than Trump.

The US is a HUGE country - we can't have just two parties representing us. We are all so different. That is why I don't want to abolish the electoral vote. The West has always walked to the beat of a different drum. You go to one state, and it's like a totally different country. An old friend of mine just moved to Kansas. She's depressed.  She said it's just different; like a different country. That's why I could never leave...I just don't speak the language of Alabama, Kansas, Florida or New York.


  1. Two parties works OK, we just need to remember how to listen, think and compromise. Concepts that seem to be waning these days.

  2. I agree, I used to "identify" (Lol) as a Republican, but in the last 10 years I've decided to be party-free.

    I like to think I could find happiness anywhere, but California is a place I would only visit. I could never live there ~ the fires, the earthquakes, the Santa Ana winds, yikes!

  3. I've always thought everyone should vote in each political party's vote for a candidate. This would lessen the fringe candidates. One problem so many have is there is not going to be a perfect candidate. I'm surprised at how many people think they are smart enough to lead the country or be a representative. These people deal with work politics on steroids.

    I don't know what to make of Trump's supporters. They are some of the best people I know. But Trump is not a good leader. The bottom line is they don't want to have to pay the social security and medicare for the boomers. We're a large group of people. It's all about the money.

  4. I live in Kansas and I would be interested in why she feels that way. Kansas is very red. I used to be a Republican and then I became a Democrat because of George W Bush. I still believe a lot of what the conservative Republicans believe. Not the TRUMP republicans....they are complete idiots in my opinion. I have yet to understand how they can be devout Christians in one breath and in the next they are singing the praises of the most un-
    Christian president I have ever know. I am all for abolishing the electoral college. What is wrong with one vote equals one person. Right now I don't feel like my vote even makes any difference because I live in such a red state.

    1. Probably because Kansas is not California. We are different than people in Kansas. Not saying anything against the midwest. I have cousins in Indiana, and Ohio and I love it back there. Now could I live there and be happy? Probably not. It's a different "country" compared to California.

      By eliminating the electoral college, the fly over states would never have representation. Now that's good, if you are a liberal democrat. NY,SF, LA, Seattle, East Coast would be the ones deciding your vote. If you're okay with that, then great. One vote equals one person is not a democratic republic which is what we are and have been from the beginning.

      I agree with you on the Christians and how they seem to idolize Trump. It's sickening. They give him a pass. But just watch. If a democrat gets in, and calls him or her a Christian, every little thing that one does, will be called out. They don't even recognize their hypocrisy. SCARY!


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