Saturday, July 06, 2019

Retired in California

old homestead in Humbug Valley, Ca

It seems if you are able to retire in California, you've done something right. HA! That is what many people who live outside California used to think. I believe they know better now.

Lately, it is coming up more and more among our friends and family, about leaving California. My cousin Joe, who lives in Monterey is planning on leaving the state. His home is not paid off and he would be like 150 years old before it would be.  Mary lives in Silicon Valley; a San Francisco north beach native. Her home is worth close to 2 million. Not paid off, has 2 mortgages on it. Everyone I know, in our age group, has not paid down their home. We have 80,000 left on our mortgage. The equity we have in the house could afford us to pay for a home outright in another state. (tempting)  Plus the market is moving.

THAT is the California lifestyle. Everyone living above their means because they have to. The alternative could be homelessness. Sure don't want that, in my retirement. Everyone watching the real estate market because so much is invested. Many don't own homes for a roof over their head, its an investment. They keep moving up and up and to bigger and better. I've always been more into having a stable roof over my head - PERIOD!

We're good - even if we still are paying on our home, we will have a good fixed income and if we need any more, we can always get a simple job at $12 an hour to make ends meet if it comes to that. I can do "poor". I've helped my step-daughter plug into the services she needs due to her disabilities. There is HELP out there. That is what California is good at. If you are down and out, there is support. So, as long as you don't lose your home, you can retire in California. You just have to understand, that you won't be living as large, as other retirees in other states. They have more cash-flow. My cousin likes to live large - be the big shot. So he's not happy here anymore. I, on the other hand, am simple and minimalistic. I could live in a one-room house if I had to as long as I have the one I love, my animals, and a garden.


  1. You got it right, Debby! We have downsized considerably. Sold our home and renting until we find the 'just-right-for-us' place. I look around at all the 'stuff' I still have and know that I need to purge and get rid of more things. I don't want to be a slave to my 'stuff' anymore. xo Diana

    1. It's funny how we start to change as we get older.

  2. I really like what you said in the last verse, Debby. So many people are living luxurious lives, and it's a simple and minimal life for me. : )



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