Thursday, July 18, 2019


My physical threapy is going well. But BOY do they stretch and push and pull. OUCH. Last night, I had a hard time sleeping due to muscle cramping. My surgical knee is at 133 and my other knee is about 135. I think that measurement is the bend. However, I am a little off, when straightening it out. My muscles around the knee need to strengthen.

I'm using a bicycle machine and Kevin told me I could start swimming some and going to my gym.

I still can't seem to find the stamina yet to walk a mile or two like I used to. I poop out. I'm doing so well, yet I seem to always want to push it more. I need to get a step counter. My other one, isn't working.

This couple we know, want us to go off-roading and camping with them soon. Not yet. I still need to ice and elevate and while I sleep fine, I don't want to be uncomfortable out in the boonies. Gee, some people just don't get it. I may be doing well, but I am still healing. Some of that healing is mental. My knee can support me, but I always hesitate. Like climbing our hill in the backyard. I stood there - and finally took one step up the hill.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but on my 1 year knee anniversary on May 29, I plan to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. 3.4 miles round trip so it's not a huge walk and I am sure I will be able to walk much further than that by next year - I just thought it would be momentous. I used to walk it a couple times a year but haven't in the 11 years we've been up here.


  1. I imagine that mental thing can be tough.

    1. Yeah it's a trip. You start to do something, and then my brain kicks in telling me it will hurt or my knee won't hold me. It's not true. I have to just do it but it doesn't come automatically.

  2. Its only been just a little over 6 weeks. I think you are making good progress! I bet you'll be able to do what you want next year on the anniversary date and do that walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. I could probably walk the 3.4 miles I just couldn't over a bridge over water, LOL. (fear of falling, fear of heights). I didn't realize one could walk over it. Do they have high walls to prevent suicides?


    1. They have suicide netting. But that's fairly recent. Sad, but I knew a older teen that jumped. I knew his mom and family. They never recovered his body.

  3. Wow, that's something to look forward to = walking across the Golden Gate Bridge! Have traveled on it many times, so I smiled when I saw the picture.

    Yea, my brother said the physical therapy was one of the hardest parts about healing. You're doing good, Debby. Keep it up.



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