Saturday, June 22, 2019

I do a lot of watching these days

Susie and I, do a lot of watching together. 

Home Depot just delivered 2 pallets of retaining wall blocks. I watched from the living room window.

The husband has been tearing out our old rock retaining wall in the backyard. I watch from the patio.

Drives me crazy because I enjoy building and gardening.

When I watch I tend to straw-boss. I finally just gave up since he is doing all the work and I know he knows how to do it. We both want it to look nice. I need to trust him more.


I try and get out once a day, on my own. I'll do some lite errands or go to the grocery store. I have cooked a few simple meals and I am doing laundry now. When my knee swells, I back off. Then it's more watching as I ice and elevate.

Before this surgery, I thought I knew and accepted that the recovery is slow. When I am actually "in it" I am impatient. When I sleep at night, my muscles go into "Musclemania." They dance all night to where I wake up. The other night my husband said, I yelled out, "God just kill me". I have no recollection of that.

I really don't hurt at all - just muscle and tendon healing and stiffness. I can't stand the stiffness.

I've mentally given myself till Sept 1. to heal. HA, I hope my knee accepts this mission. I have jury duty on Sept 4. It was supposed to be in July, but I rescheduled it for Sept. I'd LOVE to sit on a jury. After I rescheduled it, I realized that perhaps I should have made it later because if I do get into a jury, and I have to sit, that could be a problem. Oh, there's no winning...


  1. Healing takes time...I'll bet that didn't help at all did it.

  2. Back in 2007 I shattered my left leg. I sat in a chair for two months, non-weight-bearing, and then sat for another six weeks with limited mobility. Then, I started P.T. I know how you feel. Stop whining and start winning! (lol) You'll get there. It is hard for those of us who like to do things.

  3. Healing can be a slow process. It's nice that a certain someone watches with you.


  4. Sitting annd watching is something I like to do, I would also like to be on a jury one day.

  5. You sound like you're doing good despite the boredom. If you like Jello, I encourage you to have some every day. It's good for joints and your gut and a host of other things. Good for arthritic pain. Helps with flexibility, too. Awesome stuff!


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