Thursday, June 13, 2019

Happy with myself

I got this! 

I don't want to appear smug, or brag or anything but I am feeling awfully pleased with myself after this knee surgery. 

I'm not naive - I know there will still be some pain and discomfort during recovery and PT. It will be a different pain. Mostly muscle achiness. The pain that I believe is over, is the deep down, pain in the joint, type of pain. Unless someone kicked me in the shins...

I had no idea, HOW I would do. I HOPED I would handle it gracefully. It's funny because my husband retires in January and has, what I call, "Senioritis." He can barely make it work anymore. He wants OUT. So the surgeon gave him 30 days. He has 2 more weeks till he goes back and he won't even let me go to the Veterans Home to visit his dad, because I am doing so well, and I refuse to fake it. He's afraid they'll pressure him to come back sooner.

On the other hand, I have to be a little needier, or else I'll have to do more laundry and cook dinner. I'm getting spoiled.

We're talking about taking the tent-trailer out for a couple of days, close by us. Just to open it up and make some repairs. I may or may not, spend the night in it, depending on how comfortable to mattresses are. (It would be our first time in it since purchasing it last year) Jones Valley on Lake Shasta is just 20 minutes away. It would be nice, to sit out by a campfire and relax.

I have stiffness and some crampy feelings in my thigh which is normal. Massage and either an ice pack or heat help but this is the way it is, while you heal.

What if down the road my other knee gives out? Yeah, I guess I'd do it again, this time KNOWING that I can handle it even when I couldn't handle it. But I am going to think POSITIVE and pray I won't need another one.


  1. When you recover and feel great, don't blog about it, MILK IT!

  2. So glad you're having a great recovery! Go you!


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