Friday, June 15, 2018


I have been in my own head-trip of late. Thinking about life, stuff and everything else. I've been thinking how I don't like people anymore. Seems everybody just jumps at the chance to argue and fight. I really am a peace lover. Drama everywhere you look and even where you don't. Not just on social media, but standing in the grocery lines, (that's why I prefer self-check) driving - Everyone has their opinion and yours is just wrong/racist/bigoted/sexist/misogynist/homophobic/ignorant/anti-this/anti-that. I'm 64 years old and while I don't think 64 is THAT old I do not want to spend these years fighting and having to defend my opinions.

So I garden or swim.

We are planning a trip to Alabama this summer to visit my brother and his large family and I'm excited to get out of California for a week. I'm also trying to arrange a dog-sitter to visit Laydee during the middle of the day - let her out to pee and to toss around the ball a few times before my step-daughter gets off work. She will be house-sitting.

I ran into a little delay in scattering Michael's ashes- needed his death certificate (I misplaced mine) and had to get that. Just received it from LA and next week I will continue getting it finally settled.

I'm thinking I would love to go camping one weekend. Just get away and spend time in nature - away from people, the news, social media!

I hope this post finds you all happy and well and enjoying life.


  1. I don't like fighting. I stay away from Facebook for the most part and avoid the news.


  2. Oh how I agree with these words. Must be why I spend so much time at home...alone.

  3. 64 is not old, not at all. I'm just 5 years behind you and I do have grown tired of the constant conflict. Very few folks just listen anymore and in listening, we find amazing things within each other.

  4. No swimming for me because it is bloody cold being that it is winter here, I will be doing my aqua aerobics tomorrow despite how cold it is


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