Sunday, May 13, 2018

Natural Disasters

As I prepare to scatter my son's ashes over Mt Shasta, a newspaper article I read yesterday said, that Mt Shasta was one out of 3 volcanoes that are considered HIGH PRIORITY; which includes Mt.Mount Kilauea, and Mount Shasta. According to the USGS, the chances of Lassen erupting are even higher than the chances of the Bay Area experiencing a major earthquake.

I can see both Mt Shasta and Lassen from my house.

I still would rather live here, than hurricane or tornado country.

Not afraid of earthquakes or Volcanic eruptions. With an eruption, I am sure we would have ample time to evacuate. Earthquakes are another story. Frankly, I like my natural disasters to be spontaneous.

I have a hard time packing for vacation; let alone packing to evacuate my home. Oi Vey, the traffic trying to get out. Nope, I think better on my feet and in the moment.

I do feel awful for those in Hawaii. My friend Cindy, was just there last summer, on a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. At one point, the ship stopped so they could see Mt. Kilauea at night.


  1. Scary stuff volcanoes.

  2. We are under flood watch. Had three inches of rain on Saturday and more expected today. I remember the evacuation signs when I visited Mt. Rainier. Wondered if I'd make it down in time if I had to. Scary thoughts.

  3. Where I live there are few natural disasters usually only flooding

  4. Interesting video, Debby. Thanks for sharing. Mt. Shasta holds a special place in my heart, as my brother-in-law is laid to rest in that area. Thinking of you as you decide where to scatter your son's ashes.


  5. It is horrendous what is going on in Hawaii. I live in Tornado Alley. But in all of my 67 years I have only ever seen one with my own eyes.


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