Saturday, May 05, 2018

It's a Mad World

I haven't been posting lately because I am feeling out of sorts. Down; not depressed. Just blah.

Why? The only thing I can think of is EVERYTHING that is going on in the world. I'm concerned for my State and while I can knock the bad, it bothers me to see the rest of the country make fun of us. There has been a lot of national news on California and the trash, homeless situation, crime. It would be easier to cope with if they were exaggerating but they're not. I'm fortunate, that we live in a more rural area but even we have our issues and political fighting.

I'm just DONE with all the fighting. The negative news. I hate it. Everyone gets so offended, it's hard to open up and have relationships because you can't say anything that might be taken the wrong way. Therefore, you stay around those same old boring people - that never challenge you, never get offended-  have no opinions. Like a bunch of marshmallows! I used to love to debate in a civilized way, but now there are no ways to discuss anything without being called an IDIOT, Racist, Bigot, Ignorant...yada, yada, yada.

One friend of mine called me and told me she thinks she is starting to become conservative because she is sick of all the "identity politics." She's from Poland originally but was raised in Sweden. Her uncle was shot and killed by the Russians. She has many stories about the Nazi's and the Communists in Poland and is concerned because what she is seeing and hearing. She said she can't discuss anything, at her college (She teaches Calculus) or she will lose her job.

Everyone gets offended by everything. I read where a teen from Utah wore a traditional Chinese dress to her prom which caused a backlash.

"My culture is not your god damn prom dress."

She was strong and stood up and didn't back down. Good for her! Many Asians supported her but that element of Hate wants to degrade her and punish her.

I have a friend, who teaches the rough teens in San Francisco at a special high school. Once she was wearing loop earrings and some latino teen, told her if she didn't take those earrings off, she would rip them out of her ears. Her argument was that whites are not permitted to wear those - they are cultural to certain nationalities. Well, Mary is 1st generation Italian on both sides; her father from Sicily but that doesn't count, because she is white European. Unfortunately, the school made her and the rest of the school staff, aware of certain "cultural clothing and jewelry" they were not permitted to wear.

All of this crap gives me a stomach ache!

Everyone walks on eggshells - verbally, physically -not wanting to ruffle any feathers. That has never been me. Yet I am restrained from really opening up and saying what the F&*k I want. Nowadays with everything going "viral" who wants THAT?

So am I to live the rest of my life, being a wuss? Or do I become a radical HATER and just HATE on everyone who has a differing opinion than me? Do I just bury my head in the sand, and keep apologizing for all the wrongs, that I had NOTHING to do with?

Yeah, so I guess I have been doing some grieving... I don't like this world, this so-called advanced, educated society we are living in. No freedom!

I feel stifled.


  1. You are not alone in these feelings. I think change is on the way, it will be slow at first but a ground swell will silence the silencers and we will once again be allowed to debate issues and exchange ideas without having to choose sides.

    One can hope.

  2. If everyone is so concerned about someone wearing what they consider 'cultural clothing' then why the hell do they just not go back and live in their 'cultural' country. What next? Only Italians can eat spaghetti with red sauce? The country has gone nuts.

  3. It is difficult. I have learned that mums the word or the haters jump, and usually don't listen to facts or reason. I say we give them the hose......

    1. sometimes I really want to let loose....

  4. It often seems to me that we can all have an opinion as long as it is the same opinion as everyone else as soon as we think something different we are considered stupid, racists or something else this pisses me off


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