Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Facebook is on the way OUT

I've been using Facebook since around 2009. I found my brother, on Facebook. I've been reunited with old friends, and cousins by the dozens. In those early years, I played Farmville, Farmtown, Cafe World, Country Life, and Pot Farm.

I've noticed since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, many of my friends are no longer posting. Some have even deactivated their accounts. One has totally left. This makes me sad. I admit, on most days, Facebook pisses me off. It wasn't actually Facebook, it was my friends, sharing stupid stuff. I'm talking REALLY ignorant, stupid stuff.

I have this one cousin who lives in Ohio and she is a far right-winger, ultra Christian conservative. She seems nice until she starts posting these memes that I have checked out to be FAKE. I tell her and she comes back with, "Snopes is a left-wing website." GRRRrrrrrrrr Argh!!!!!

 So I put her on the RESTRICTIVE list and stopped Following her. She is still on my friend list.
This keeps me from seeing her posts which annoy the heck out of me. Then I got my panties in a bunch over some "family" stuff from cousins and decided, they ALL needed to be unfollowed and put on that restricted list. 

Since doing this, it's been rather BORING. I even broke down one day and looked through their posts on that Restricted list which in turn made me lose respect for myself and annoyed at the memes she shared. 

FAKE, FALSE, LIES - this is the Israeli border with Gaza. 

FAKE, FALSE, LIE - This in NOT George Soros. This is the photograph is actually an Auschwitz guard named Oskar Groening Read. George Soros was too young. 

Now, I am not a Soros fan or foe. I do come up against all LIES. Yes, the other side does it too. So many divisive and hateful memes on Facebook. The data scandal didn't really bother me (I was never notified that my data had been breached) I have always figured, when you are on the internet, say goodbye to some privacy. 

My facebook days are numbered. I haven't figured out, how to stay in touch with 300 friends. God forbid we take to emailing, again. Talking on the phone? Texting? I'll never get anything done. Facebook has RUINED it for us. 

Now what? 


  1. I've taken to deleting all political posts and "un"-friending a few people. I stopped commenting on anything political and my blood pressure has dropped. Facebook is great when people use it correctly, but I agree with you 100%...but Snopes does lean to the left. Grrrrr, LOL.

  2. I hear you. I take a hiatus every January for 30 days. The first couple of days are hard because I feel like I'm missing out on something. Come to find out, I've missed very little. I have to say that I have not unfriended anyone in a long time but I do unfollow some people who spew fake news and negative all the time. I don't mind a good rant once in awhile and I've even written some rants but a steady diet of it is not good for my soul. I'm glad to have blogging. I've been reading the A to Z blog challenge this month and adding a few new blogs to my roll. I think the internet has a wealth of interesting things to follow so I think of FB as something that I can glance at but don't let it get my water hot (as my grandma used to say). Hang in there!

  3. I have never been on Facebook cause something in my 'gut' told me it was not to be trusted. I have used Snopes so many times and I know that some people are very offended when I tell them the crap in their emails is wrong. Folks want to believe what they want to believe - Truth be Damned. I still remember an interview with a juror from the Sam Sheppard case saying that Sheppard was guilty because the jury said so and he didn't care what the evidence ultimately showed.

  4. I have to say that I still like e-mailing, but don't get responses back from everyone, which is kind of rude. I think the world has gone a little over board with social media, and we need to get back to the one-on-one conversations with each other. Just my opinion. But I am glad that you found your brother on social media. That must have been a pleasant surprise for you.



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