Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day after Valentines Day

My new almond tree

I've been busy - working on my hall bathroom, painting the walls and staining the cabinets. It was fun and rewarding to get something done!

The weather has been awesome. Trees and flowers are blooming. I even have a tinge of hayfever- the dull headache and the roof of my mouth gets itchy.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. 16 years.

Also, last Friday my son's girlfriend asked me out to lunch - just her and I. So we talked and all, and then she said she needed to ask me something. OKAY.  Then all of a sudden, her eyes started pooling up with tears and then the tears started falling out from her eyes, onto her cheeks and I am thinking,

"OMG what is it?"

Then she went on to tell me how much she loves my son and wants to spend the rest of her life with him so she wanted my blessing, so she could ask him to marry her.

Whoa, times have changed.

I was cool with it - sure she can ask him. They have my blessing. I did ask her, does he feel the same way...because I would HATE to have him break her heart. She assured me, he feels the same way. So I kinda figured she asked him last night on Valentines Day but I am not certain. I guess I will have to wait to get the official word.

I was thinking back - my first husband never got on his knees to ask me. We just came to the consensus that it was the next step. My husband now asked me to marry him after a month or so and I wasn't ready. It was a couple of years later when we felt it was time. So her asking him, really isn't that much different.

Okay readers: Did you get on your knees to propose? Ladies, did your husband get on his knees?

So like I said, tomorrow is our 16th wedding anniversary and I have to say, it was a very good decision on my part. He's a wonderful man and I've never been happier and more content in my life.


  1. My husbands first wife died of a brain tumor at age 30 leaving him with two tiny boys so he gun shy for sure. After dating four months (I had two pre-teens then) I asked him to marry me. Totally freaked him out ! Couldn't even respond, but two days after that he asked me. Our 25th anniversary is this summer. Yeah us

    1. Aww that's sweet. 25 years is awesome.

  2. If I did, she would have had to help me up.

    1. yeah I guess that would be hard for the old guys. lol

  3. My husband came home from a year in Japan-there for six months, home for a month back for six. We had only been dating for about four before he left. I was unaware that he had been planning to ask me to marry him already until someone let it slip the first week of his home leave. He had purchased a car via the military system (long story short), and when he tried to insure it and leave it with me in Denver, they said "has to be a relative". So he literally turned around and looked at me and said "We should get married now". Which we were, within thirty days. Let just say that acts, not words, were my husbands love language, lol

  4. Happy Anniversary. My first husband proposed to me through the US mail. I received an engagement ring in a package. He was in the Navy. Crazy. My second husband's proposal was very romantic. But I can't go into details.


    1. You can't beat romantic, that's for sure.

  5. It sounds like your husband treats you well and that you're happy to be with him. I'm glad to hear that, Debby. Too much discord going on in the world. : )



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