Saturday, February 17, 2018


Among other things, my husband surprised me with a flowering cherry tree; something I have been wanting forever! In fact a few days ago, when we bought our little almond tree, I asked the gal at the nursery to show me some flowering cherry. I had no clue, that my husband had been saving for this tree. I opted for the almond tree which is what he really wanted. It pays to give in now and then.

2/16/2010  Oregon

Seems every anniversary for us is different. One year we drove up to Washington State and down the Oregon coast. Stayed at a hotel with a beautiful beach view and that night we were so tired, we ate at Taco Bell, in the car staring at a garbage bin near the drive-thru. We thought it was funny.

More Oregon

Ocean view out our window

One year money was tight - had both our sons living with us and they had no jobs. So we had hotdogs at Costco and went to the $1 movies. I believe we spent $6.00 on our anniversary evening.

It's actually those types of anniversaries for me, that are the most memorable,

So what did we do this year? Besides planting the cherry tree, we cleaned out our garage! It was fun. We cranked up the music and together we sorted and organized our stuff -  and talked and looked through boxes of memories - made a huge donation pile and an even bigger dump pile. Afterwards, we went to our favorite Italian restaurant and crashed when we got home.

I can honestly say, I love my clean organized garage! Oh, and I love my husband, too! <wink>


  1. Debby, Happy anniversary to you and your sweetie. What fun trip. So mu7ch to see. Your tree is way better than a bouquet of will give and give. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Happy nursery anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Debby. That was nice of your husband to get you a flowering cherry tree. Isn't Oregon pretty? My brother-in-law lived there until he passed away. This is a cute picture of you. It's nice to see our blog friend's faces once in awhile. : )



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