Friday, January 19, 2018

WTF is going on?

A photo I took of them a few years ago at a steak dinner.

You wake up one morning and find out, that a couple you've met, are dead. Then you wake up the next day to find out it was a murder-suicide. Everyone on social media that knew them, kept saying it was their son. (The dead were a husband and wife in the photo, and their son and his wife, along with 3 dogs and 2 cats) Next day, the news reveals it was the wife. She shot her husband of 50 years, along with her son, daughter-in-law and she killed the pets. Then she set fire to the house.

What the F--k is going on in today's world?

I met them at the VFW - didn't know them outside functions, but I do remember they both were very nice. My husband knew him.

Then you hear about the California family - who hogtied their 13 children, chained them to beds, and starved them half to death.

And there is the Olympic doctor, who has sexually molested 150+ girls.

Has it always been this way? It seems like it is constant. Every day you hear of some horrific crime. Plus all the sexual abuse and molestations...

This stuff happens everywhere - nowhere is safe. In the cities, in suburbia, and in rural country areas.

What makes life so unbearable for some?
What makes a father and mother have children to only abuse them?
What makes a "healer" want to abuse young athletes?

Yeah, this has really bothered me today. You just never know...


  1. I think there is a lot of mental illness out there. Was a time folks were shuttered away for their own and everyone else's safety. Then we decided that was cruel so we started mainstreaming everyone. Part of the problem. As for that Michigan doctor, one of the young women said she told her parents and they talked with the doctor who denied everything and so they told their daughter not to lie. The same thing happened to my mother back in the 30's.

    1. Everybody is shocked. She must have just snapped.

  2. I work in the justice biz and it makes my head explode when I try to understand the underbelly of society. We have a local sting case that netted 29 perps while each went separately to a motel to have sex with a mother/child setup (undercover agents). It was a sting operation. In that group of men one was a paid youth minister. Many of them have families. The ripple effect is devastating. While some of it is mental illness, there are also just downright deviant people among us.

    When I think of those 13 children in the recent case, I can't even imagine the horror their lives have been ... and for how long. It had to have been going on for a very long time.

    I'm like your reader above (Joeh), I got nothing.

    1. Hey I got nothing either. No words

  3. It is a really strange feeling when it hits so close to home like this, we had a similar situation not too long ago, I hate that it was someone that you knew...

    1. Yeah this is a first. We're still in shock


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