Monday, January 22, 2018

Winter has arrived

Beautiful Manzanita Lake Friday afternoon -  Mt Lassen Volcanic National Park

Laugh if you want, but it is 46 degrees (1:27 pm) Its freakin COLD. I believe it may get down to like 37 tonight. My primroses should be fine since they are in planter boxes and there are trees above them - they are not like out in the open with no protection. I guess I could go out and cover them.

It's very gray out.

The heavy rain, we were supposed to have was light and came at night. Now a bigger storm is supposed to HIT sometime today. We'll see. This so far is the coldest we have been this winter season.

A good day for soup!


  1. Pretty view!!! I woke up to freezing rain mixed with snow and several school closings. I hope you have a good can send me your temps...I will take them. lol xo Diana

  2. I find almost any day in the winter is a good time for soup.

    God bless.

  3. This morning it was 40 when I fed the horse, it didn't take me long to do my chores.

  4. We got to 50 yesterday. It felt like spring, lol.

    1. Winter can be nice, I think we would soon tire of perfect weather all the time and perfect changes from person to person

  5. I read about these temps and have to remind myself that they are Fahrenheit and not Celsius

  6. I know, I was just telling my son that it's been soooooo cold lately. Soup sounds delicious right now.



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