Friday, January 26, 2018

Thinking of horses on a Friday morning

My Susie

At this moment, I have a dog at my feet and a cat to the right of me, snuggling as close to me as she can. It's a cozy morning. I feel loved. For me to truly feel at peace, would be near animals and trees or being outside period. Lately, I have been spending too much time indoors due to the rain. That's fine. I love the coziness of inside my home too, but you have to have a balance of both.

Jackson, Penny and me

The husband and I went antiquing yesterday. Didn't find anything I had to have. Met a gal who has horses and we talked at length about horses and their personalities. My husband is a horse lover. Since we do not have land or horses, when he retires, he looks forward to working with horses; heck he'd even clean stalls just to be around horses! That is the deal with having horses - you really have to love them because they are expensive and there is a lot of work involved. Every now and then, I ask my husband after he retires, would he want to sell our home here and get some property and horses. As it is tempting, he agrees that at our age it wouldn't be a good idea to start this. It does help when you have friends, who own horses. Right now, we don't.

Bed and Breakfast

We used to help out with some horses - for free. Jackson and Penny were the horses and they were young. It was at a local Bed and Breakfast. The owner didn't have that much time with them, so my husband offered. In return, we were able to stay at the Inn for a nice relaxful weekend. The lady has since sold the B&B.

Yeah, we're going to need some horse therapy soon. Just a ride would do it for me.


  1. I like horses, but they do scare me a bit.

    1. You do have to approach them with confidence. That makes them feel secure

  2. I haven't ridden in years but I love horses...but, like you, wouldn't want to own one at this stage in life. I had a show horse, Ginger, that was a wonderful quarter horse. Riding on her was like being one with the wind. xo Diana

    1. Wow, I'll bet that was awesome. They are beautiful creatures.

  3. I love horses too, Debby. That's a cute picture of you and the horses. It's nice to see our blog friend's faces once in awhile, although your head's down in the pic. Yes, the sun shining on our faces is nice in the winter, but it often gets too warm here in California, and as I get older, the summers aren't my favorite.



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