Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Rain and California politics.

Big rain, coming today and will last a couple of days. I don't know where we are at with our rain totals but seems we might be doing pretty good - not like last year. That nearly broke the Oroville Dam. Honestly, that whole deal was mostly about lack of maintenance. You see, Jerry can be extremely frugal. I won't call him cheap. He's like me. He likes to save money and what spending money he has, he likes to spend on things he likes.  Heck, I can't fault him on that. I'd much rather spend my money on plants, flowers, shoes...Right now, California has a surplus. We are not in the red like so many uninformed HATERS think.  The deal is, Jerry saved us a bunch of money because he eliminated necessary projects he said we didn't need. Like prisons!  In his mind, if we all just pull together and welcome home the felons, give them jobs etc, we'll be even more awesome as a state. But then, he just wouldn't stop at that - next, he wanted to decriminalize many felonies and bump them down to misdemeanors and of course, that allowed many others their Get Out of Jail FREE pass. Back to saving money... It would be like, me telling the husband I saved us $20,000 and it's in the bank. Nevermind, that the plumbing is shot, the roof leaks, and the car doesn't run but I have a full closet full of new shoes.  Okay, so he siphoned money from other agencies and departments to fund his pet projects like our infamous high-speed rail.  (His final legacy)

Okay, so where was I going with this? Oh yeah, about the big rain storms rolling in and then I mentioned the Oroville Dam which made me think of Jerry.

I actually like Jerry. That doesn't mean I approve of everything he has done with the last 2 terms. I wonder if because he is getting old, that someone isn't taking advantage of him. The prison realignment didn't sound like him, even though he is a really nice and caring guy, especially to felons.  Whoa, I was just thinking it's a good thing the husband doesn't read my blog because he can't stand Jerry Brown. He knows I like him and other than that, we don't talk too much about it. It never ends well. Jerry always pisses the husband off.

Okay, that's enough about California state politics - tomorrow I paint the bathroom and it will rain.


  1. Politics? Like Sgt. Schultz..."I know nothing!"

  2. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry is a unique individual for sure and California politics is definitely a source of many heated discussions that I really try to avoid... I don't think we are forecasted to get that much rain here but you never know, we will take what we get I suppose, I meant the rain not the political stuff.

  3. Politics. Ugg. Illinois is collapsing, no payments made to nursing homes for months on end and yet we see these ugly "Sound walls" being built all along the interstate near Chicago to protect the delicate ears of those living in upper end subdivisions. It's been easier and less stressful for me to deal with the local yocals here regarding building permits for barns made of used recycled wood. A plate of cookies still mans something in these parts. I have never been above a gastronomic bribe.

  4. It's raining as I'm writing this! Wonder if it will rain tomorrow?


  5. Eight years ago the folks in Michigan elected former Gateway Computers CEO Rick Snyder as Governor. The guy only cares about the bottom line. Gave big breaks to business and taxed everyone else, including senior pensions cause he said we were not paying our fair share for benefits. Despite the fact that none of us get any state benefits. Can't wait to see him gone. Oh, and did I mention the Flint water crisis?

  6. I am more interested in what color the bathroom will be.. lol


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