Saturday, January 13, 2018

Maybe this weekend


Dick and his wife, moved out on Wednesday. He did show up briefly, Thursday to put the garbage cans back in. Then yesterday, I saw a strange car pull into the garage.

I'm excited and thinking positive in regards to the new neighbors. I refuse to worry about it and waste all this beautiful quiet. We'll deal with whatever comes  -

I remember years ago, living in apartments when I was young. I always seemed to live beside someone who partied and played their music wall-pounding loud. I enjoyed my loud music and always tried to be respectful because that is just how I was raised.

Years ago, when my first husband and I rented a house, we lived next to drug dealers and once there was a drug bust and a shootout.

Another time, we lived next to a wife beater.

I've lived next to neighbors who wanted to hang out all the time, to neighbors who thought they were ABOVE everyone else. One house I lived next to, had 2 pit bull dogs and one of the dogs hung himself. He was tied up and got up onto his igloo doghouse and the chain got caught and he hung. My kindergarten son and his little friend came to show me - it was terrible.

My childhood home in the Haight Ashbury today

If you don't live on your own property, miles away from anyone else, chances are you have neighbors and in some areas (like California) they are way too close for comfort. Like in San Francisco, the houses are smack up against each other, in rows. Although I don't remember, ever hearing the neighbors.

Those houses are close together!(My house was the 4th from left)

That's urban- city living for you. You just get used to it.


  1. Hoping you have GOOD neighbors this time. The kind that are there when you need some support but allow you to maintain your privacy on a daily basis. We, too, have had good neighbors, bad neighbors and a whole gray area in between.
    Have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

  2. The first apartment my husband and I had was on the second floor. A young married couple lived below us. We got really tired of hearing her screams of ecstasy when they had sex, so one day I went down and spoke to her to let her know we could hear everything. Her husband came screaming up the stairs later that day to yell at us and tell us she was too delicate to hear anyone talk about such topics. Jeesh!

  3. We have had bikies and drug dealers near us but found if we didn't bother them they didn't bother us, I have never been one to sit around chatting to the neighbours for hours

    1. I don't care for it either but had a couple of neighbors in my past that would come over with a coffee cup in hand and stay...Got to the point, I hid from them.


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