Sunday, December 10, 2017

My Blog; My Opinion - Just a hint...

I'm just saying - this whole election in Alabama is disgusting. I fear, Judge Moore will win because of that Trump base. That would be a SHAME.

I don't know if the women are telling the truth.
I don't know if Moore is a predator.

At times, red flags go up, when Gloria Allred gets involved in anything.  On the other hand, the more they keep pushing Moore, on how wonderful a man he is, the more I tend to believe he is guilty of those accusations. 

I'm shocked that the Alabama bible belt overlooks the scripture,

Ephesians 5;3 -

Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among you. 
Such sins have no place among God's people.

If Moore wins, it will be like the Trump presidency - a major distraction. Is that what the people of Alabama want?  We'll see.


  1. Prince Charles was 28 when he began courting a 16 year old Diana. I thought that was creepy too.

    1. I hadn't realized that. Yuck

  2. With high school coaches, the first time may be made up. But when a second student says something; there is unusually something there.

    What I dislike is how people assume since it is Alabama, what racist, idiots live there. They don't consider some of the other nut jobs that are elected in other states. I hope his opponent Doug Jones is elected. But I would not bet the rent on it.

    I had to stop following a several cousins of mine during the presidential election. One cousin who I am close to is probably voting Roy Moore. Abortion in her mind is the biggest problem in the United States.

    But I will tell you, Roy Moore will say and do crazy stuff. Stock up on microwave popcorn to watch the news.

    1. Like I said, it will be a shame, if Moore wins.

  3. I have an online friend who lives in Alabama. I know she is concerned about the election. I haven't really been following it enough to make an informed comment about it. I do wonder if a lot of things happening these days are a distraction to take us away from what those who believe should be doing and that is pray for God's kingdom to be advanced and then to work on God's kingdom being advanced. I know his kingdom will be advanced, but perhaps not necessarily by the people living here in this country. I think the enemy is out to kill and destroy........just my humble opinion (along with my next humble opinion we should be looking up towards the sky.....)


    1. My brother lives in Alabama and I know they are all for Moore. I love them, I just keep my mouth shut. You can't change their minds.

      Sunday's sermon was about what our mandate is as Christians. But I don't believe that means voting for someone who clearly does not hit the mark.

  4. Some many weird and creepy people in the world and so hard to trust any of them


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