Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Everything is under control

It's our weekend (Wednesday and Thursday) plus the husband is taking Friday off to help with the Hanukkah party. I believe we have everything under control. The hard work doesn't start until Friday afternoon, coordinating it all. It will be fun but I am always happy when it's all over. The day after, we do a party, I'm exhausted while enjoying that "Job well done" kinda feeling.

Then it will be Christmas Eve as the next big event. That's family plus Virginia who is 93, a Sufi-Muslim from Turkey, who converted to Christianity a couple of years ago. She'll come to our Hanukkah party as well. She was a WW2 Army nurse and lives at the same Veteran Home as my Father-in-law. We enjoy her sharp mind. She is a very interesting lady who has led a life, that should be made into a movie. Everyone loves her.

My husband will have to drive to the Home - load them both in our van with their wheelchairs. Then when its over, drive them back. It is a lot of work, but with both of them in their 90's, it's the least we can do- they both are sharp and love to interact with all us "youngins."


  1. Virginia sounds like she has had a busy and fascinating life. Wonderful plans your family has. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. Enjoy the festivities coming up, Debby. It sounds like a lot of them, so pace yourself.


  3. That is sweet the extra work your hubby will do so so Virginia and your FIL can enjoy the festivities! Fascinating life she did indeed lead! So many stories that I hope she shares with you all!



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