Monday, December 04, 2017

Dick's house is now OFF THE MARKET

I admit - I'm nosey. I've been checking on next door's listing to see when it sells. I just checked and all online listings, say it is no longer listed. WTH? They haven't sold it. They've been moving out, slowly. Maybe they are going to go the "sale by owner" route. I don't know but as of now, it is off the market.

Maybe they've decided to rent it out.

Maybe it was just to feel the market out.



  1. Maybe it has been sold already.

  2. Usually if a listing has sold, it will say that on all the realtor websites. Obviously, it has been sold and the agent hasn't updated the website. The For Sale sign is still up, too.

  3. Does seem a bit odd but we ran into similar things when we were house hunting 2 years ago. Usually it meant that the house did sell, it was in escrow, and no back up offers were being taken (don't know if they do that in California, but here in Arizona, you can say you'll take back up offers in case the original one falls through). Possibly it sold for cash in which case escrow can move pretty fast. Check it out on if you haven't done so already. They can usually provide accurate information about what is going on.


    1. I guess there are many reasons. I checked and still nothing. I'm just being nosey.

  4. Weird but as long as he is gone and you get someone better in there all will be good

  5. A lot of people are renting their houses out now. The rental market is really thriving. Sometimes I can be nosey too - I call it curious haha.



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