Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Music

What would the holidays be without our beloved Christmas music lineup? I'm old school - I prefer the ones sang by the artists that I grew up with, with some exceptions.

I detest the Stevie Nick's version of Silent Night. In fact, she could promise me a silent night by not singing that song at all.


I always get so sad when I hear Karen Carpenters, Merry Christmas Darling. Am I sad because she is now dead? Suffered for years with anorexia nervosa? Or that it brings up an old love? She really did have a beautiful voice.

I just read where Mariah Carey's, All I Want For Christmas Is You, just hit the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10 for First Time. Ever. Times are changing. My sons had it BAD for her when they were young. I enjoy the song and sing it every time I hear it.

My all-time favorite is the Nat King Cole version of Oh Holy Night. If I wasn't already a Christian, I would convert. That song, the way he sang it, brings me to my knees and gives me chills.


What are your favorite Christmas songs and by who?


  1. Hi Debby. I am going to try one more time to leave you a comment. I "lost" two other ones. Anyway- I always loved Karen Carpenter, too...even back then her voice had a plaintive/sad effect on me. I also love Josh Groban singing Oh Holy Night and most of his Christmas music is beautiful. Pentatonix gives a fantastic version of Mary Did You Know...that will bring tears to your eyes.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas to you. xo Diana

  2. I too love Oh Holy Night; I haven't heard a bad rendition of it.

    My very favorite song is a little known one. He is here by Darlene Zscheck of Hillsong fame.



    He is here
    The Savior has been born
    The one we've waited for
    Surrounded by our praises

    He is here
    The promise of the king
    To You our lives we bring
    Let your glory be revealed
    Joy to the World
    Peace to all who love Him
    The savior has been born
    And all the heavens smile

    Glory to God
    We bring an offering to You
    Join with all the angels
    Singing Hallelujah.


  3. All the traditional carols. The cutesy stuff that they play on the radio not so much.

  4. I asked 'Alexa' to play some Christmas songs while I was cooking the other day and out came some rap-crap. Really? After a few minutes of telling her to play a different song, I gave up. I love the standards, sung the way they were meant to be sung. I need to get out my old CDs. Merry Christmas.

  5. I love that you included Mariah Carey's hit as I just downloaded it. I play it constantly...LOL! I also love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Canon" which reminds me of my "Music Apprecation" professor in college...:)JP

  6. Silent Night is my all-time favorite Christmas Carol. I didn't even know Stevie Nicks sings her version of it. And Nat King Cole, love his voice.



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