Tuesday, November 14, 2017

School Shooting

Beautiful Rancho Tehama

My sister-in-law lives near the school shooting and I when I heard of the shooting this morning, I got that sick feeling in my stomach thinking that her granddaughter might have attended that school. Thankfully she didn't. Poor Mary (my sister-in-law) hadn't heard yet about the shooting when she answered my text back and asked: "why?" 

The shooting was in Tehama county - we are the next county. (Shasta) These things don't happen here yet I am not surprised. This rural farm area and those who live in the mountains are very "into"their guns. You get a domestic dispute between a couple, add a gun and mental illness, and drug addiction and it's a recipe for disaster. My heart goes out to the children and all involved. Investigations are not over yet - and they are working hard before our storm hits with heavy rain starting tomorrow. They just released the shooters name. Kevin Janson Neal. Apparently, LE has had issues with this jerk before. I just don't get it.

On a happier note: We are waiting for a new baby in the family. My husband's niece (Mary's daughter) was in labor through all of this - I haven't heard yet if the new addition has been born yet.


  1. A new baby is always someone to be hopeful in! So many tragedies so close together; one cannot begin to process one of these before another one comes along.


  2. The news is the news. I think it may be fueling all these people killing people they don't know. It is such a shame.

    New baby is wonderful. Congratulations to your family.

  3. Our idiots in the Michigan legislature are trying to pass a bill that will allow guns anywhere someone wants to carry one. Schools, hospitals, government buildings... it'll be the OK Corral around here if they get their way.

  4. I will have to watch the news about this. Such a tragedy when things like this happen. I hope all goes well with your niece's delivery. We have lots of rain lately too!


  5. A school shooting is always upsetting glad your granddaughter wasn't at the school involved


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