Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I do it every year and every year, I vow NEVER to do it again. I always set out with these lofty plans or things to do, before a holiday. Then I get lazy and keep pushing it off.

I was supposed to take the turkey out of the freezer, yesterday. I did it today. That's actually better than what I usually do - the Last couple of years, I've had to soak my frozen turkey on Wednesday evening. What a hassle.

We don't have much of an "entryway" in our home. So I wanted to nail up, a big board made from recycled wood - and put coat hooks on them. We wanted this completed by Thanksgiving so our guests can hang up their jackets. So, last week the husband and I made the purchase. Then we got lazy. Just this morning, he finally sawed the cut, marked the studs and then took a nap. He'll finish the rest tomorrow.

I wanted to get the leaf on the table already but it hasn't been done yet. Sounds simple enough, but it's really hard to pull out the table. I end up having to sit on one end, while the husband pulls the other. It will stay on the table until New Years.

I haven't decorated. Seems silly and a waste of time now,  when Friday I plan to put up my Christmas Tree. Oh, I have a couple little things out. No biggie. There is always next year.

I have a bookcase in my entry way that I am always staring at from the sofa. I need to patch stain a part of it that has been bugging me. I should do it tonight. I hope I do it tonight but I don't have much confidence in myself to actually accomplish that. We'll see.

All of the above with the exception of the table leaf doesn't "have to" get done. It's all the fluff, we impose on ourselves. Procrastination wouldn't be such a big deal if we just kept things simple. That's my dream. To have a minimalistic life. My procrastination is from years, trying to please other people (and myself except when I have to take it all down) I'm burned out!

One thing I am mighty pleased with myself for: My Christmas shopping is done except for my husband's gift and my secret Santa person.  That will alleviate a lot of stress.

Do you set yourself up to procrastinate? Are you "on top" of it all?


  1. I am very familiar with getting it done later.

  2. I get slower and slower every year with what I get done. Have a good turkey day with the family.

  3. I procrastinate on things I don't want to do. On things I do around the house for cleaning, I'm pretty methodical and it gets done the days I want to get it done. Good for you for having so much Christmas shopping done :)


  4. You are so right in saying that we impose so much fluff upon ourselves. To keep up the tradition, we end up all burnt out. I have simplified the "celebrations"to a great deal now. Nice article Debbie .

  5. Well, I was just thinking about this today, cause I always like to get everything done early so I can appreciate the special moments of Christmastime. I think that's great that you have your shopping done. I'm about half way there. The "I don't know about you" quote made me laugh. : )



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