Sunday, November 12, 2017

Inching toward the Holidays

Char, the Husband, and my Father-in-law

The family attended the Marine Corp Ball and had a wonderful time. I'm happy for them. Next year, I will attend for sure. I have a year to get ready!

I stayed home - watched a SURVIVOR rerun and ate rice and something else not worth remembering.

Yesterday I ventured out - we went to Applebees for my husband's free veteran meal. I had grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans which I only ate half and brought the rest home, for tonight's dinner. Just have to eat bland for a while - take it one meal at a time.

We had some good measurable rain, the last few days and snow in the higher elevations. It really is, starting to be like Christmas...

Avalanche Gulch on Mt Shasta - yesterday
photo by Steve Lewis


  1. The snow certainly is pretty. The cotton plants are dying back and the fields are just white. We call it Georgia snow. I have to say, it is beautiful too. The picture of actual snow really looks like what you read in a Christmas story.

    I'm glad your husband, stepdaughter and father in law had a good time. I'm glad you are doing better.

  2. That is nice Applebee's does the free meal for veterans. Take care of your stomach and it will take care of you. Slow and steady wins the race to get back to perhaps a "normal" diet.


  3. Lovely phoo. Looks more like Christmas in CA than here in Michigan.

    1. Yeah that is a little fact that most people don't know.California, Oregon and Washington get snow first on our highest elevations. 6000 ft and above for now. We've been having snow on and off our mountains since Oct. It's beautiful for us, in the valley, to see snow covered mountains!

  4. That's a pretty photo. Hope you get to eat more flavorful food soon. :)


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