Monday, October 09, 2017

Pacing the floor

not yet not yet, we're still waiting...

I'm a bit on edge today. This morning, my niece called to let me know she was at the hospital and baby-girl hopefully will be born by this evening.

I'm better off if they call me afterward. I can see why men used to pace the floor while they waited.  I'm so anxious. I've caught myself gritting my teeth -

I mean REALLY, childbirth is the most natural thing, but you still worry. She told me everything was good,  hooked up to a monitor and all is well. Heck, I never was hooked up to anything back in my day. No drugs either. I was a fast one, with a 2-hour labor with my first son. Too fast for them to give me anything for the pain. After a few humongous pushes, they were born and I was already past the pain. One time, the cocky doctor left the room, saying I still had hours to go. He finally came running back in a few minutes later, to assist the nurse who was delivering my 2nd son! That time, I didn't even make it to the delivery room!

For my own dental health, I hope she gets this job done soon!

I am also concerned about the wildfires we are having around most of the state. I've got friends in Loma Linda who are threatened - another in the wine country who I haven't heard from since last night when she mentioned there was a fire in Santa Rosa. She is in Cotati. Then there are fires in the Humboldt and Trinity counties, west of us. People forget - October is our worst month for firestorms. We are having strong winds and many whipped through during the night and early morning.  So sad and so much destruction.


  1. I had all three of my children without medication too. Two of them were 7 hours, and I delivered Jess in 1 hour. She came fast, and she was almost 9 lbs! She was BIG, but she is my smallest child today. : )

    I hope all goes well with your niece's delivery.

    That's scary about the fires going on in that area of California. I didn't realize October was the worst month for firestorms. Be safe.


  2. I'm on this site checking on you about the fires. They sound horrid. I hope you all get relief from the fires soon.

    I like the meme. It is nerve wracking waiting.

  3. I hope your new grand niece has already been born! Congrats to all! So true how things have changed. When my mom had us in the 1950's, she was put to sleep and the dads were nowhere in the labor or delivery room. So scary about the fires, but you are right, October is not a good month for wildfires anywhere in California. I hope all your friend will be okay!


  4. Just saw the devastation in Santa Rosa. That is just too horrific to comprehend. Hope you stay safe.

  5. Waiting for a baby to be born can seem to drag on and on and not just for the mother but for all.


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