Friday, October 20, 2017

Bob the Builder and his Flag pole

Yesterday I went out to my front yard and noticed something was off. It's usually very shady, due to the trees. Then I saw it. Seems Bob the Builder, put up a flagpole at the edge of his driveway - almost on the property line. In order for his flags (American flag and British flag for his wife) to wave, he cut down some branches off my tree.

I was pissed. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a TREE LOVER! I won't go solar because they wanted to us, cut down all our trees. No way.

I went inside and told my husband. He was laying a brick patio. He went out and looked and came back in. Then he sat and was quiet. I knew I better keep quiet. He then got up and went over to the neighbor. I hate confrontations. I get nervous.

He told Bob the Builder, NEXT TIME you want to trim our tree, to let him know first. To not touch our trees. That was that.

The damage was done. A big gapping section of my tree is gone.

We sat outside and ate our lunch - my husband was quiet again; thinking. Then he asked me,

"Do you think we have a good case against him to have him legally, move his flagpole? His flag will constantly be hitting our trees."

He also told me a couple of weeks ago, Bob asked him, if we were going to top our trees. No. So he's thinking it might have been a passive-aggressive move. Who knows?

Yikes. This might be getting serious. I told him to just let it be. The damage was done.

Then we heard digging - from Bob the Builder.  The husband went out and they talked. It seems, Bob, the Builder realized that the flagpole should be moved. THANK GOD!  We didn't have to say anything. My husband was even nice enough, to help him pull the flagpole up from the PVC pipe in the ground.

Later in the evening, my husband told me that we are going to need to find out where the property line legally is, because Bob the Builder is under the impression that we are 3 feet over onto his property! 

WHAT???????????????? What is wrong with this old man?

He's wrong but we have to show the proof. My folks owned this house before they passed away. The neighbor that lived in that same house, had an issue with the property line and my folks went to court and they won! I have the paperwork somewhere in my messy office. If I can't find it, I'll just have to get a property surveyor or whatever they are called.

Bob the builder, made it like, he was okay with it, as long as he doesn't have to maintain it...and then laughed it off. Maybe this is why he felt justified, to lop off one of the branches of our tree.

PS. It's not like we are against having a flagpole. We have one in our front yard - and we proudly display our flag daily.


  1. If he wants to fight the property line have him pay for the survey. If you maintain it uncontested after a number of years I believe it is yours anyway by default. I'm not a lawyer though.

    1. Wow, I didn't know that. I'll have to check.

  2. Might be worthwhile to get the property lines re-surveyed with a newer report just in case. Sounds like you might need it dealing with Bob the Builder.


  3. What a mess. I would love to get rid of my neighbors. In my community you have the right to cut any branches of a neighbor's tree that are overhanging your yard. Most folks are pretty respectful before doing so. But the old guy (80 yrs or more) is bat-sh-- crazy. One never knows what he would do. I have markers between our two houses marking my property line.

    1. Same law here - just what hangs over but he went beyond that and took out a large branch.

  4. You should be able to get a copy of the platte (I think that's what it's called"? I found one with ease when I went to sell my home and could not. Of course that house was also part of an official subdivision, so it may be different.


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