Friday, September 29, 2017

The husband and I are 2 peas in a pod.

This is how we will be one day. 

The news is, mid-October the husband will start his dayshift - 8 am to 4 pm, with Wednesday and Thursday off. Then, Lord willing, 5 more years. At least that is the plan.

I am really going to enjoy this new schedule. I can't get anything done around this house when he is home. We sit around together, way too much. We've talked and talked until we almost don't have anything more to talk about. Plus because of his hours, he takes an afternoon nap. He is so into this habit, that he even takes a nap on our weekends. I usually join him (and the dog) on Saturday. There won't be any more naps during his work week now. I feel for Laydee, who has gotten quite used to this midday ritual.

So he tells me, that we'll be going to bed by 9pm. Say what? Now that is just too early, especially in the summer. I'll compromise at 10pm.  We never go to bed without the other. It's just how we are. (unless we are sick)

I am a morning person, so I am actually excited for cranking up the music loud and cleaning house. I have AHD. Attention Husband Disorder. I get sidetracked when he is home, plus he always wants my attention.

I will miss eating lunch with him and our carefree mornings, drinking coffee and watching the birds together. We really are two peas in a pod - we love spending time together and working on the house or a project together, playing with our dog. We're so close to recreation here, we enjoy our hikes and swims. Our weekends will be more special now.

I will get his "best" in the mornings. Now I will get him when he comes home from work and depending on how his day went,  I'll have to remember, to not hit him up, with "stuff" until he can decompress.

I do look forward to having a more normal life - eating dinner together and having evenings off.  He even mentioned, that maybe we can start sitting at the dinner table, instead of in front of the TV. Wow, what a concept!


  1. A change of pace is often a good will be tough on the dog though.

  2. My dad worked second shift. When he got home, he made himself and the dog a jelly sandwich. When he retired, the dog would bark in the backyard at 1 am. He wanted his nightly jelly sandwich.

    1. oh no. They do set in their ways.

  3. I will admit this brought a lump to my throat. I'm happy for the new hours. These are much more human-like

  4. I love my hubby and enjoy spending time with him, but I have to confess I love (perhaps more) my "me" time when he is out of the house at work. Had my own schedule of doing things; got things done, enjoyed the quietness of the house, etc. For 4 years he was home when we were going through a transition time. He was great about being quiet while I was working (work at home) and not interrupting me, but I did find I really missed that time I had alone. Not sure what will happen when he returns in about 2 years. We'll find a new routine and it will work, but I'm sure I'll "grieve" the old routine for just a bit.


    1. When we moved to this swing shift a few years ago, I had an adjustment as well- I love my alone time during the day. I got used to it and my time was when he went to work. And Ihad the remote all to myself.


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