Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday - After retirement

A Soldier and his Chaplain

WARNING: The following post is either about God, Jesus, Christianity, the Bible or prayer - you know, stuff that makes most people uncomfortable. For those reasons, I have kindly warned you in advance if any of this offends you, bores you, or you are just not interested - just pass it on by. Honestly, you won't hurt my feelings. I also have turned off the comment section so there will be no reason for debate. This is my blog- my views. So there!


The husband hopes to retire within the next 5 years and of course, any who have retired already or are about to, know that just before you do - there is a lot of talking and planning. So, he comes home the other day, asking me to keep an open mind. Apparently, the Veterans Chaplain has asked my husband to take over, as chaplain after the current one retires in a couple of years. Salary, health benefits and a 20 hour week. My husband is a Christian lay-leader who served as the first Chaplain at the VA Home before the current Chaplain was hired. Plus he served as a lay-Chaplain in the military for 20 years. This would be right up his alley!

As long as it did not interfere with his state pension. We would have his state pension, military pension and salary as a military chaplain at the VA home.

He would be on-call for many occasions; such as when a veteran passes to comfort the family if needed. He would be required to lead 1 Sunday service. they aren't long services and maybe a mid-week bible study. My husband already "teaches" on occasion, when the current Chaplain asks him.

Obviously, we would have more income and that would be a plus.

So OKAY, here is my selfish side...I'm wondering how it would affect me? Like, the current, Mrs. Chaplain attends the service with her husband and plays piano and sings. I do not play piano and trust me, you don't want to hear me sing! And while the husband's teaching is good, I would miss attending a Sunday church. Plus I would be kinda-like a Pastors wife - I don't know what that would all mean for me.

We'll have to talk and get more information before making a decision, but he is already leaning toward it. I just have mixed emotions about it. I know this is not "about me" but it will involve me. I just don't know. Thank God we have some time...

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