Monday, September 18, 2017

PET PEEVE - People who back into their parking space in a public parking lot

I've almost been hit a few times- with these people who back in their parking space - they "reversed" into their parking spots then they pull out in front of me.  Many times, the parking aisle is one way. Men do this more than women. There they are, slightly reclined in the driver's seat with their right arm over the passenger seat. Then they turn their steering wheel with ease and back right in. BUGS ME. What is the purpose of doing that? ACTUALLY, I checked into this. When men parked, they took MORE effort - to wiggle in, reverse. Delayed gratification because if you back in and pay the price at the beginning, you don't have to wiggle your way out when you leave. Silly men!

Another pet peeve is when people drive through the parking lot to the empty space in front of them - pointed nose out -  Once again, dicey on a one way. Then when you are cruising the parking lot, going in the right direction, you are mostly looking for those backing out, not coming through. When they do this, they tend to demand the right of way. Old women and men do this a lot.

I wonder, are there any LAWS regarding this. Once I saw a cop sitting in a parking space and he yelled at some woman who was driving through the parking spaces. She almost caused an accident. He didn't get out to give a ticket - just yelled at her.

Why can't people follow the common-sense-rules? It's not like it gets them any better parking space. I think, people who do this, think they are somewhat smarter than the rest of us.

"Haha, I am so smart, I drove right on through to park."
" I'm too good to park the right way." 
"My way or the highway."

On occasion, my husband has backed into a parking space at Lowes or Home Depot. He says it's so he can get out faster.


He has also, driven through the parking slot at the grocery store - which is idiotic because when you come out with groceries, you have to maneuver the shopping cart in between the other cars to get to your trunk.

He doesn't do it anymore with me.


  1. Those gigantic vehicles parked so badly are a symbol of the body part the man is lacking--and I don't mean his brain.


  2. Mrs. C often backs in. Drives me crazy, but she does it with ease. I'm not sure why this inconveniences anyone...I might have to reread this. If I can, i drive into a lane that lets me pull straight out when I leave. I can't recall this ever being a danger or inconvenience to anyone...seems to me that backing out is more dangerous as people don't always look behind themselves that well. I am always careful to let others pass before I ever pull out whether frontwards or backwards.

    1. It probably doesn't bug people like it does me - you know, it's just one of those silly pet peeves that make me crazy. I wonder how I got that way???

    2. We all have things that bug us. Why does incorrect grammar get to me? I make plenty of mistakes myself.

  3. I must address this. I have dated, and worked with, many first-responder types (law enforcement, military, firemen...), who ALL back into parking spaces wherever they are, because they may have to leave in a rush - and can't risk taking the time at that point to wiggle out of the spot. I adopted this habit, because I find it's easier to look behind me at a stationary parked car, instead of backing out into the traffic of the parking lot.

    However, if a lot or street is marked as "head-in only", that's just rude. And I'm 100% with you on people going the wrong way through angle-parking, directional lots. Follow the rule, people!

  4. Oh my gosh, in our family we have one of each of your situations. Son backs in, but I think that's because he was a valet for years and they actually teach them to back in (and boy can he back in to an incredibly small spot I wouldn't attempt). I'm the one that pulls on through a space so I don't have to back out. In my "defense" I really don't drive much these days and don't like backing out. I'll try to do better in the future and not pull through :) Though have to say daughter in law was in a minor fender bender the other day with her and another car backing out at the same time and collided (don't know how the insurance is going to figure out that one.)


  5. I always reverse my car into parking spaces can do it in one or two goes but have a lot of trouble driving into a parking space, I hate people who cannot park in their lines or are parked crooked if you can't park straight in the lines don't drive the bloody car.

  6. I like to drive through a parking space too. Much easier to get out than backing out. I think anyway!


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