Thursday, September 07, 2017

Just like Lucy

Sometime in October, my husband will be working a day shift - 8 am to 4 pm, just like regular people. It's been a long time since we had these hours. When his father came here from Wisconsin, we needed the daytime hours to take him to the doctors, and help him apply to get into the Veterans Home. Not to mention, he came here the same week, my step-daughter came down from Washington State. She needed to get plugged in, here in California. The swing shift 4 pm to midnight worked for us. We even enjoyed our late night lifestyle and sleeping in and eating our bigger meal at noon so we could eat together. We went out for breakfast and nice lunches and going out to dinner was reserved for our weekends.

Soon, he'll go off to work in the morning and I will stay home like Lucy!

It will be a BIG CHANGE for us, as well as for our animals. Laydee likes to go to bed with me, and then when my husband comes home, she goes into her crate. The cats, wait for him, by the door. I will miss snuggling with her in bed. I guess my choice is, the dog or the husband.

I'll still keep my morning gym time- I will have to start actually cooking dinner. Heck, we may even sit at our table instead of eating on the sofa, watching Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

I tend to work around the house in the evening. Now I will do this during the day. Every morning, we sit and watch the birds together. Sometimes, we talk. Sometimes we don't.

And just when I have adjusted, he will retire. (5 years to go)


  1. Just saying hi this morning. Life is about change. I think one way you know you are getting too old is everyone gives up on making you make the change any more. lol Take care kiddo.

  2. I would have liked the late shift, if we had one.

  3. It will be a change and take a bit of time for it to really all come together. When hubby quit his job a few years back to move closer to his parents, he was home all day and I work at home. He was so very kind and considerate of not bothering me, but it was a bit of an adjustment having him there when I was used to being by myself and had my routine (like eating lunch at my computer to check my email, something he frowned on). I was glad when 4 years later he finally got a job that took him out of the house during "business hours." He retires in 2 years. I look forward to that day, but at the same time I'm thinking "oh no, a new routine to get used to." Good luck with yours!


  4. I hope you adjust well to the new lifestyle. We all have to make changes in life at one time or another. I'm sure you will do ok. : )


    1. Yep I am looking forward to it.


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