Friday, September 08, 2017

He was 58

A couple of weeks ago, I received the shocking news, that the husband of my late best friend had died. Susie passed a few years ago and when she did, he went hog-wild with women. From what I could tell, he seemed like a good faithful husband. They had been married for 20 + years. They also married when they were young. He went from his home where his mother and 3 sisters dominated to
the Marine Corp where he met Susie. He was stationed down in San Diego.

After Susie passed, he started sleeping around - just acting like a 20 yr old. He knew how they acted because his youngest son was 20 years old. Granted, his wife was dead and he isn't doing anything wrong, but because she was my best friend, I wasn't comfortable with it. He even started sleeping with one of their neighbors and another friend of Susie's, which makes you wonder.

The other 2 kids, were up in Oregon and they didn't like it either.

So he apparently had a heart attack on the sofa, with his younger girlfriend sitting beside him. He was 58.

His daughter told me he had been warned of his heart condition, but just wouldn't accept it because it would mean giving up his new bachelor lifestyle.

The memorial service is at the end of this month and I am probably not going to go. Nothing against him, I just don't want to be around their family drama. He didn't include the 2 kids up in Oregon, in his will, so they are all getting attornies. I've been called several times, by them asking me what their mom (my best friend) wanted for them. I've known them all, since they were conceived. I hate to see them fighting.  I'll send flowers or a donation.

I used to think the 60's, was the dangerous age - when health issues start kicking in. I lost my sister, at age 56, Susie at 49, her husband at 58, and a few others, that didn't make it to 60. I'm all for living life and not allowing your age to stop you but come on now...use some common sense. We're getting older - and we are NOT going to get out of this life alive.


  1. Drama after death is so sad. I would hate for my legacy to be hard feelings among all my loved ones...very sad and i don't blame you for avoiding it.

    I agree with you about knowing your age and slowing down, I quit skiing before I killed myself, you do have to keep moving...just keep your eye on your dashboard.

  2. I may sound prejudicial here but I don't think men can handle stuff like loss of their spouses like a woman could handle the loss of her spouse. Men are used to be catered to (most men) and miss the companionship. Women tend to be nurturers and often put their needs second (third, fourth, fifth) so I think they adapt easier to widowhood. Again, all my speculations. I'm turning 60 this year in December (God willing). Hubby is 64. Thankfully we are remarkably healthy. I type reports of people in their early 50s already in nursing homes with lots of diagnoses and long lists of medications.


    1. Wow, that is young to be in a nursing home.

  3. What a shame about the family fight brewing. I knew of a family that spent like $8000 on legal fees over about $4000 dollars. This was in the seventies. I would stay out of it too.

    We are blessed to be where we are age wise. A lot of people don't get here.


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