Friday, August 25, 2017


Thank God it's almost Saturday!

The baby shower is Saturday and I'll be glad when I am back home. LONG drive for me, going and coming. I'll spend at least 6 hours driving. Ugh! My back hasn't been bothering me so I am hoping this doesn't do me in. I'm bringing my ice pack filled with ice going - and then refill it at the shower, just before heading home. I'll have to stop a few times, to stretch my legs and walk.

Other than the above, I used to always love driving. Maybe I should have been a trucker! I'll crank up the music and sing...with no one there to listen.

Today's baby showers are not that different from when we were young and having babies.  They still will have those silly baby shower games. I'm just not "into" any of that anymore. The younger gals, don't want any advice and they basically think we were dumb and not as smart as they are now. THINK AGAIN! Oh, who cares - I'm there to make my niece happy and to represent my sister and our side of the family.

Here are a few games I have played before at showers:

  • Give all party guests an index card and a washable marker (just in case they hit skin), and have them put a card on their forehead. Set a timer for 60 seconds and get them to draw what they think your baby will look like. The mom-to-be selects the scribble, um portrait, she likes best. 
  • The night before the shower, freeze small plastic babies (you can find them at any party story). When guests arrive, everyone gets one frozen ice cube baby in their drink. When the ice cube has completely melted, have guests yell "My water broke!" The first to follow-through and call it, wins!
  • If you're having a mixed shower, blindfold the ladies and have them feed their partners baby food. 
  • Buy a mega box of diapers. Have guests write funny quotes, words of encouragement, inside jokes—anything!—on the back of the diapers. (Permanent marker is just fine and won't bleed through to Baby's tush, don't worry!) Once their newborn arrives, it'll make their 3 a.m. call a little more bearable when they see a note from a friend or family member. 


  1. Debby, congratulations on your niece having a baby girl. I really appreciate all the game ideas, as we are giving Jess a baby shower coming up. I already knew about the diaper one, that's a cute idea. Have a fun trip, and I hope your back doesn't act up.


    1. Thanks Sheri - My back did great

  2. Have fun at the shower :) I remember when the wee one (grandson) was still in the baby food eating days and I was buying some jars to have when he was over at our house. I was looking at the different combinations of food they put together (like zucchini and apple and chicken). Anyway, I was commenting to someone in the aisle also looking for food about the new combinations compared to when my son was in his baby food eating days and how times have changed. She loved the combinations I thought were interesting; she was buying different types for a game for a baby shower when they were going to try to guess the flavors of baby food :)

    Son and his friend went to his friend's sister's baby shower (it was at the beach years ago in Southern California area). One of the games played were the people at the shower had to guess how big the mama to be's stomach by tearing off how much on a toilet paper roll of tissues. Son kind of protruded his tummy and tore off that much toilet paper and won the game (gift, a picture holder :)

    Have fun!


  3. I am going to a baby shower in October first one I have been to in years, when I had my girls I never had one didn't even thing of having one

    1. I never had a baby shower either but I did give a shower once for my best friend.

  4. The shower is probably over with now and you've gotten back home. I hope the day went well. Take care.

  5. I remember all of those silly games we played at all the showers. And you are right about the girls not wanting advice. And that applies to all of their life not just about raising kids. But they will find out on their own!!


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