Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I'm still here

Just a lot of little things going on, that keeps me from settling back into my blogger-mode. I have written many posts in my mind but will probably forget them. Oh well.

When my FIL moved into the Veteran Home, where my husband works, we agreed that his 2nd shift or swing would be a good fit for all of us. We could take him shopping or to the Doctor during the morning. It looks like that is coming to an end and we are ready to be "normal." by working and living a day shift. The only hang up is we have Wednesdays and Thursday OFF as our weekends. Is it really a problem? We did the pros and cons, and the only con, we could come up with, is his attending church on Sunday. Truth be told, we don't always make it to church, plus we started with a new one we like- but with my husband being the part-time Chaplain at the VA, we are at the home, doing a service, rather than in our own church. Husband won't be able to do that anymore unless he took a Sunday off. We'll wing it. I will still continue to attend when I am able (we SHARE one car now) We'll be looking for an alternate place to attend during the evenings. It's not like we are these big church goers, but I do need to make that connection or quite frankly, I dry up spiritually. Need that Living Water or I start going back to that old me that I do not like. This new shift will probably take place in October.

We have 2 weeks off in October and still have not made any plans. We've spent so much money on home improvements, that a nice relaxing vacation is unaffordable. Just a couple of days here and there. Day trips and such.

We had the adult kids over a couple of weekends ago- for a BBQ. Nice to see them. My late sister's daughter, my niece is having a baby shower on Saturday. So I will take the long 3-hour drive down to Sacramento to be there.

Meanwhile, back at the homefront, my husband is staying home to supervise a landscaping project we hired out. A much needed retaining wall, irrigation, and drainage. After this past rainy winter, we had lakes, all over our front and back yard.

My aqua aerobics class is done for the summer and I miss it. I not only toned my old body but have a nice tan with no aches and pain. Now I have to sweat at the GYM. Ugh! I've lost almost 10lbs in about 30 days. It's going slow now. I just wanted to get that 10 lbs off that I put on last summer, after my gallbladder surgery!

I feel Fall in the air. No, we're still hovering around 100 degrees, but I can see more shadows and the deciduous trees are starting to dry, even though we don't actually lose the leaves completely until December. Autumn is my favorite season for everything.

I hope this post finds you all happy and well. I sure am!


  1. Does your church do online streaming of their service? Could be a solution for you to watch it at home if it does when you can't make it to church. Ours does and it comes in handy when we are traveling or under the weather to make it to church.


    1. Yes they do. That's great for me but the husband likes to actually attend, rather than stay home. We'll get it worked out

  2. OMG. If I actually wrote all the posts I think about I would never leave my computer. Glad you are enjoying your life away from a keyboard.

    1. LOL, Yep I know what you mean

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We do have to stick together, I think. I'm getting started on finishing up some home improvements of my own. I hope you will find some great day trips to take in October.


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