Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Outrage is growing

This is one of my many pet peeves. You hear it all the time now, in the media. "The Outrage is Growing" Really?

Hey, I know what the media is doing. They love to stir the pot - get people riled up and anger sells newspapers or digital subscriptions.

There are several types of outrage:

Identity Outrage
Cultural Outrage
Moral Outrage
Liberal Outrage
Conservative Outrage
Viral Outrage
Social Media Outrage

Here are a few outrages I have collected:

Growing Outrage Over Many Policies From New Administration
Growing outrage over Bill Maher's racial slur on live television
Outrage is growing at Republicans following a controversial vote Tuesday
Outrage Growing Over Police-Involved Shooting In Southern California
Outrage is growing after a Channelview teacher named a student “most likely to become a terrorist.” Outrage growing over arrests during Arizona immigration protest
Outrage is growing over the acquittal of a taxi driver who had been charged with sexual assault
Outrage has grown at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, as the school faces ...
Outrage and protests over President Trump's executive order banning ...
Hollywood actor Johnny Depp drew outrage for suggesting that he would like ...
There's growing outrage over newly leaked footage from the movie "A Dog's Purpose."
Outrage is growing over a visitation service for a Georgia military veteran.
Outrage growing over Christian woman's sentence to hang

I'll say it again...REALLY?

The media tries to tell us what to think and how to think -  I would think, if the country was growing in OUTRAGE, as reported - they would be calling out the National Guard to keep us contained from all that outrage. Most of these so-called "outrages" have come and gone.

Frankly, I am OUTRAGED by the media - because they think we are DUMB and keep using this to tell us how we should be feeling or reacting.


  1. Good point. I think the media is outraged that everyone does not march lockstep to their agenda, and I'm outraged that the media seems to have an agenda and not just report.

  2. When outrage becomes innarage a body explodes, media seem to love the word outrage for some strange reason and I have at times thought if people in the media exploded every time they say outrage there would be less use of the word...............just saying

  3. I don't believe a word.

    1. yep, me too. They say, "Outrage" and I shut down.

  4. Compelling is another overused word. What I don't like is the headline doesn't usually match what is written. We live in a clickbait world, eh.

    1. You're exactly right. I learned all about headlines and such in journalism so it hasn't changed much.


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