Wednesday, July 12, 2017



When I was a kid, I would scream holy hell, for someone to kill a spider. When I became a mom, if dad wasn't home, I was next in line to answer the call - to kill the spider.

Actually, once you get over your fear, spiders are quite interesting - and yes, even black widows. I now, after 60+ years have a healthy respect for the spider.

My husband and my father-in-law are really good with animals. My FIL is pretty much (or used to be) a horse whisperer. So one day, I decided I would try and understand the spider. When we were getting ready to paint the inside of our home, we found just too many spiders. I'm okay if they are outside. But if they are on my turf, then it's history for them. When given deep thought to it though, I had pangs of conscious. They deserve to live and what makes me so special that I have to murder every spider. That's when I became a spider whisperer.

Currently, I have one spider in my house that lives in one corner of my dining room. When I was dusting down all the webs, I told him (or her) that, it was more than welcome to stay in my house, but there were RULES.

1. You are welcome to as many flies as you can handle
2. This is your safe place as long as you do not bring in other spiders
3. I'll leave up a few webs if you promise not to overtake my house in webs.
4. The month of October, you are free to move about the house, making webs. I'll refer to them as Halloween decorating. Thank you.
5. Do not jump on any human.

For almost 2 years, I have not had any issues with my spider. It's almost like he isn't even here. No spider friends - and I really do believe he has kept the fly population down.

Laugh it me, if you want - that's okay. I'd rather have an alliance with a spider than having one with a dirty nasty fly. You can't trust flies. They are uncouth. They will lay eggs in your food.

I'm very happy with my spider.


  1. Well, when you put it like that...

  2. Almost like a pet without the responsibility? You laid the ground work and then hoped all could coexist. Seems like it is working :)


    1. It's working well. :-P

  3. Unless they are a spider that bites. Those can be pretty nasty.


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