Thursday, July 13, 2017


They are everywhere!

I have never cared much for snakes. Even harmless snakes in the garden. Man, you want to see me jump hurdles?  Just shove a snake in my face.

I live in major rattlesnake country. They are everywhere. Sometimes, on a summer evening, you will see one, rolling and slithering down the street.

Then my husband explained to me, rather than freak out every time I see one - to once again, try and understand the rattlesnake - or any snake for that matter. I resisted for quite some time. Then it made sense. I had to face my FEAR.

Rattlesnakes do not comb the world, looking for you. They really don't want to be bothered. They are introverts (like me) Just leave them alone and they are fine. Granted, if you are out and you step on one, gear up. Put yourself in their lowly position. They are only defending themselves. They truly are a fascinating creature.

I really felt sorry for this snake. It was trying desperately to get out of the cold water. While I am afraid of them, it would have been hard for me to turn my back on this snake. My husband said, he would have tried to save it - like pop it in a cooler.  On the other hand, I don't blame the young people on the boat. It must have been very scary. I wonder if they will be going back out on the Lake anytime soon?

The big king snakes in your yard is actually a good thing. They eat rattlesnakes. The more king snakes you have just means there is a lot of rattlesnake food for them. At the Veteran Home, on occasion, a snake will slither onto the automatic doors- they open and in comes a rattlesnake. My husband says, they will see them, on the security cameras. They have to have those special snake rakes to take them back outside. That freaks out many of the nurses.

So far in our yard, we do not have any. When I was a nanny, here - a few years ago - the family I was working with, had 2 dens in the yard. They had to call an exterminator. Once, there was a rattlesnake in the garage and the dad shot it with his b b gun. When I was working there, I always had to be careful with the little girls, out in the yard and when the dogs started barking in a strange way, I had to bring them in. I'll admit, I could never get really comfortable when the girls were outside.

There are many more snakes this year and they are out and about. I may respect them, but it does make hiking a little nerve racking. I don't feel comfortable sitting or climbing up on big rocks. Once I was walking across these big rocks in a stream and came across a very long, rattlesnake. I watched as he continued to slither around the rock, trying to to get away from me. He must have been 8 ft long. We have signs everywhere - rattlesnake habitats.

Poor Baby- 20 stitches

My husband wants to go backpacking at the end of this month. I asked him if he wanted to take our dog, Laydee. He's decided not to take her. She needs some rattlesnake training as well as a shot. We'll try and get her readied by next year. Rarely do we ever hear of someone getting bit, by a rattlesnake. Usually, it's a drunken tourist. We do, however, hear about the dogs that have been bitten.

A little swollen? 

Now, comparing a rattlesnake to those huge long snakes from other parts of the world - that hang on trees and squeeze the life at of you, I'll take a rattlesnake any day.

NOoooooooo thankyou. 


  1. Not sure I've ever seen one in the wild...I'm good with that.

    Interesting stuff.

  2. All my dogs are volunteers and donations. I had a huge yellow lab. One day, the dogs were carrying on over a King snake on a walk in the side pasture. Safe of not, I made them leave it alone. That yellow lab kept dropping the snake at my feet as a gift. I squealed a little each time. When we got back towards the house, I picked it up and dropped it off over the fence into an overgrown pasture of mine. We have rattlesnakes too. A few venture a little too close to my home. I keep my grass mowed low. I don't need them.

    1. Yep they love tall grasses.

  3. The only snakes I have ever seen here in Michigan are garter snakes, but we have 17 different ones. This year the small garters are very plentiful. I see them scurrying all over the flower beds. They like to eat worms. Lucky me, I have rich soil to feed all the critters.

  4. I'm so snake phobic. I'm better now but in my "youth" I couldn't even look at one in a picture book. Then I had kids and I could take them to the zoo to see them behind enclosures or at the pet store. As I matured, I could actually touch (not hold) one. Son wanted one for a pet, I said (emphatically) no.

    My husband works for a health care clinic on Native American land (reservation). He related a story the other week that one of his workers that lives on the reservation made a comment that he was sitting in his Lazy Boy type chair one evening and caught moment out of his eyes. He turned and looked and saw a rattlesnake (he was inside his house) go and hide behind the fridge. He told his son to tell his wife about the snake and went to bed (I'd be moving). Apparently it wasn't the first time this had happened before. The son got the rattlesnake out of there the next morning. (How can someone sleep in a house with a rattlesnake?)

    Best story. When we lived in a part of Southern California, we lived really close to a "natural preserve." It was actually in the middle of the city. I never saw a rattlesnake in our back yard but did see a nonpoisonous snake on 2 occasions which I think was out waiting for the quail babies that also were in the area.

    Two doors down from us a family lived. The wife did daycare. We also had roadrunners in the area (they hunt rattlesnakes). One day she said one of the roadrunners was acting crazy in her backyard. It kept banging against her window and was basically a pest. She had the kids outside in the back playing a bit later and the dog was a bit on edge. She then noticed under the bushes by the barbecue was a rattlesnake. She got the kids/dog inside and called the authorities. Rattlesnakes are endangered there so the fire department relocated the snake. Because of my faith, I truly believe God sent the roadrunner to warn the lady about the snake although she wasn't picking up on it.

    Thankfully now we live in an area that has been developed for a long time. With trepidation I go outside, but I don't think I have too much to fear.


    1. I hear you. I too, have been phobic towards snakes. It's only since I have been married to my husband. He educates me and calms me down. and he makes sense. They really are beautiful creatures but I don't want to touch one or never hold one and I am best when they are miles away from me. Lol

  5. Oh my gosh, I was on the seat of my chair watching this video! I can totally see why the people freaked out not wanting that snake to get on their boat. Oh wow, thanks for sharing, Debby. I didn't know you lived in rattlesnake country. You are brave, girl.


    1. OH yeah, real brave. There is this lava tube near us, its dark and cool and I freaked out, because my imagination kept thinking there were snakes in there. lol

  6. Why did God invent snakes??


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